Issue 12 2021

24 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 , Oct21417 Not Just Another Telecoms Company Unite Telecoms is not just another telecoms company. With honesty and loyalty, it wants to create change and bring back simplicity in a world of jargon andmisleading advice to remind the industry that a handshake means trust. In light of company CEO, TimDuncombe being recognised as CEO of the Year 2021 – Fareham, UK in this issue of CEOMonthly, we take a closer look to see what the company has to offer customers. Tim Duncombe completely understands the issues business owners face as he has been in their shoes. From a few great ideas, Unite Telecoms was born as a start-up that, in just over two years, became an established global business made up of people who get excited about the prospect of helping customers’ businesses succeed. Unite Telecoms offers leading telecommunications to businesses in the UK, Australia and France, from small start- ups to global enterprises, and it believes in the power of connectivity and business on the move. With 30 years’ combined experience in business telecoms, Unite Telecoms was founded to help connect businesses to their customs in the right way, at the right time and for the right price. Because the more businesses connect, collaborate, share ideas and talk with their customers, the more they will grow and the more success they will achieve. Speaking about his company, Tim said, “Being the best at what we do is hard work. It doesn’t just happen; it takes commitment and dedication from every member of staff within the business. Being a military man and serving in the forces teaches you resilience, determination and discipline from the outset – and as the founder of Unite Telecoms, I couldn’t be prouder and more committed to what we have achieved as a team over the last two years.” From first enquiry, the Unite Telecoms team is totally committed to providing a five-star service and working with the customer to offer the best business telecoms for their business needs. This includes a dedicated after-sales service for customers who need advice on their new VoIP system or want to make any changes to their service. Unite Telecoms’ simple mission is to help its customers stay in touch with their customers, wherever their business may be, because it understands how important communication and efficiency is to business. Downtime must be avoided, costs need to be reduced, and commitment and the IT network need to be reliable and robust. Ultimately, Unite Telecoms strives to help technology work for the customer as an asset rather than a cost – simple, fast, efficient and cost-effective; the way it should be. Company: Unite Telecoms Contact: Tim Duncombe Email: [email protected] Website: