Issue 12 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 21 A Passion For Development the unique requirements of local weather and climate conditions, A-Tech Australia is always on the lookout for new approach which will enable to them to more effectively incorporate weatherproof and thermal performance features. This innovative attitude is best shown not just through the products that are provided for customers, but through the team’s plans to construct a laboratory for the process. A-Tech Australia intends to take a proactive approach to the need for window and façade systems by developing its own cutting- edge products. The laboratory will provide the ideal location for the development of new designs and the testing of their various practical applications. Even the best companies cannot develop without an eye for the outside world, and at A-Tech Australia, Charlie has ensured that his team is constantly involved in the needs of the community. Through working with others, the A-Tech Australia staff can rest satisfied in the knowledge that their work makes a real difference around the world. The value of sustainability runs through the entire business, with various environmental initiatives such as encouraging sustainable work practices and promoting the ecological benefits of aluminium put into place. That said, with Charlie originally from Lebanon, it’s easy to see why the A-Tech Australia team has focused in on the challenges facing these specific people. The contributions that the team have made can be seen in the world of the Steps of Hope foundation. As founder and President, Charlie created this organisation to uplift Lebanon’s people by undertaking efforts to end poverty and unlock enormous potential in communities, While Charlie has thrived in Australia, many of his countrymen simply never had the chance. The success of Charlie Ibrahim is a credit to him and the remarkable team he has been able to establish. With such a strong position in the market, it’s clear that he is the ideal choice to lead A-Tech Australia to new and unprecedented heights. We celebrate his incredible achievements thus far and cannot wait to see what he does next. Company: A-Tech Australia Name: Charlie Ibrahim Email: [email protected]