Issue 12 2021

20 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 , Oct21001 A Passion For Development Three generations of workmen in the building resource industry have built up to Charlie Ibrahim’s current success. His passion for the industry sets a standard for his team that has secured incredible achievements over the years. Now recognised as CEO of the Year, 2021 - Sydney, Australia in this edition of CEOMonthly, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into Charlie’s inimitable success story. In 1994, Charlie Ibrahim took the first steps into a career that would bring him inimitable success. During the summer holidays he would work at his family’s aluminium business, and now, over two and a half decades later, he stands at the forefront of the industry that he has made his livelihood. Through his firm, A-Tech Australia, Charlie is proud to add astonishing value to every product offered to his customers, offering bold and innovative solutions that stand apart from the competition. Proudly founded and headquartered in Sydney, A-Tech Australia has emerged as one of the region’s market leaders when it comes to the development and creation of new and exciting solutions revolving around aluminium. Charlie founded the business having first moved to Australia in 2001 on a working visa. Thanks to this, he was able to learn on the ground about what the Australian market needed, developing a company that suited their specific needs. This opened in 2003, with his wife by his side. She is still an integral part of the business, acting as the Group’s Chief Operating Officer. Since then, the dynamic duo have been proud to establish operations internationally, including in China in 2008 where the firm now has four locations. Since opening its doors, Charlie has been proud to guide A-Tech Australia through a period of significant and continual growth. With the building industry creating designs that challenge the very nature of construction, the A-Tech Australia team have reacted swiftly to ensure that they are able to meet the diverse needs of their customers no matter what the project. The successes and accomplishments of the team reflect his incredible ambition and remarkable experience. Throughout the development of the company, the driving force has remained a deepening of trust at all levels. Employees, partners and clientele all rely on the A-Tech Australia team to deliver excellence at all levels, worldwide. This high standard has been an inspiration to all. Key to the success of A-Tech Australia’s approach has been Charlie’s passion for designing aluminium profile systems that are exclusive to the firm. Alongside various accessories, this has allowed the team to stake a claim to various products that are unique to the team. This unique nature has not allowed the team to cut corners, however. Every single one of the team’s innovations has been combined with efficiency and environmental sustainability to ensure the ultimate in success. The process of developing these various products has been comprehensive for the company. A great deal of time and research has been put into ensuring that every part of the production process is high in efficiency, affordability and sustainability. The result has been the establishment of the largest aluminium manufacturing plant in Australia. The plant uses proprietary A-Tech Extrusion Systems to ensure that the team’s products stand apart as the finest building materials available to Australians. This operation is a recent addition, beginning in 2018. Situated in Orange, this 77,000m2 covered building space includes a fully automatic extrusion line, full automatic powder coating line and mega manufacturing process for all façade and unitised curtain wall. It’s the ultimate in capacity for all. The high quality of the team’s products is only part of the story behind the success of A-Tech Australia, and Charlie is proud to explain that it is his own ambition which has seen the team achieve success in various countries around the world. Originally from Lebanon, one of his greatest personal achievements must surely be the establishment of operations here. The A-Tech Australia team has also established bases in China opening the door to a number of incredibly lucrative contracts. Through these locations in the Middle East and Asia, A-Tech Australia has been able to foster an incredible network of associates on an international basis. The success of the expansion of A-Tech Australia has seen the team making new plans to reach more deeply into the region, as well as into new areas around the world. Part of Charlie’s plans for growth is the presence of A-Tech Australia in emerging markets, and the potential of providing provision of the highest quality aluminium solutions. This success, however, can only be maintained through the continued delivery of the highest quality solutions at all times. With a company that is working around the world, it’s clear that maintaining the highest standards of compliance is vital. The A-Tech Australia team has made it their mission to work closely with their partners and clients so that they not only understand their specific needs, but that they are designed to meet stringent Australian standards. Because the team’s systems are designed to meet