Issue 12 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 13 , Oct21633 CEO of the Year, 2021 - London, the United Kingdom VeriCall enables businesses to put together the customer service proposition that supports their customers in real time across their channel of choice, with a bespoke service delivery model designed in partnership to support their customers to maximise their value out of a solution. Moreover, VeriCall provides services to a range of different types of companies – government, utilities, broadcasters, directory enquiries and charities among them – the only thing they have in common is a desire to deliver the best customers service to their customers that they can – and VeriCall facilitate that. The company has a variety of services for SMEs and even micro businesses and operates at the cutting edge of technology, making sure it maintains this place within the industry. Moreover, as a people first business, the role VeriCall plays is crucial – absolutely crucial. Adam Taylor, CEO of VeriCall states, “In the early days I was able to identify those who I had worked with earlier in my career, who shared the same vision and ethics that I wished to instil in the organisation and invited them to form part of this journey.” Following this VeriCall has been working with local partners to VeriCall offers a comprehensive range of solutions, with its primary business being to provide outsourced contact centre services and assist its clients with several technology solutions from fully PCI DSS compliant payments to AI solutions and Omni- Channel products. Recognised as the CEO of the Year within CEOMonthly, AdamTaylor gives insight into the success at VeriCall. create psychometric testing to identify personality traits which will be suited to the aims of the company. Adam explains, “We focus less on skills as we can train these, but we look for personalities that are focused on giving to and supporting others, are self-motivated and have a drive for growth to form our teams – being motivated comes from being invested in the project.” Additionally, maintaining a clear and open communication lines ensures that all team members are aware of and share the vision for a better way of delivering customer services. “Everyone being aligned in our goals and motivated to achieving the aim of delivering modern customer services that work for customer, client and VeriCall is the best thing we can accomplish,” states Adam “We are always driven by what our customers need, and we add new services as often as we find something that helps us keep ahead of the game - that won’t change any time soon,” explains Adam. VeriCall is always evolving in some way and has recently launched a brand-new Real-Time Speech. The service applies smart analytics, enabled by Artificial Intelligence, to analyse and audit calls automatically and provide valuable – and instant – insights. However, this won’t be the last new product the company will launch this year. In fact, thanks to its impeccable planning, VeriCall was able to shift core staff to a WFH model seamlessly at the very start of the current crisis and achieved this with zero contacts missed and with zero impact on operational performance. “I believe that customer service is the critical differentiating factor between businesses enabling to gain and retain customers,” states Adam. Over the last decade, there has been an explosion of choice as businesses have learned how to exploit the opportunities presented by direct online retail and service provision. Due to this increase in choice, consumers are now more empowered than ever to move and choose suppliers who meet their needs and expectations. VeriCall are in the fortunate position of being recent to market as it is not encumbered by legacy infrastructure and processes. Thus, enabling the company to be more agile and responsive than its peers. Adam explains, “Having personally come from the client side of the outsourced relationship, we have a unique perspective from the top of the organisation as to the challenges and obstacles of an outsourced relationship. We are able to place ourselves in the mind of the client to develop our processes to work for our clients and their customers.” Additionally, the CEO of VeriCall firmly believes that to be a successful company, you must lead from the top down and this philosophy is one that he has imbued throughout VeriCall. “My leadership style is fully inclusive, and this is an approach I have encouraged my managers to adopt as well,” states Adam. Furthermore, VeriCall believes in supporting its clients with foresight and innovation to be first to market with new solutions which pre-empt changes in customer behaviour. Adam explains, “Consistently, we see new businesses with exciting innovations rapidly capturing market share and building customer loyalty. By analysing customer behaviour and assessing future trends we ensure our clients are supported with innovate solutions.” Thus, guaranteeing that clients will remain at the forefront of customer engagement, shifting customers to brand ambassadors who spend more and stay longer – that is the VeriCall promise. Company: VeriCall Ltd Name: Adam Taylor Email: [email protected] Web Address: