Issue 12 2021

12 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2021 , Outstanding Outsourced Customer Support Run by family-focused and highlymotivated Hamza Javaid, winner of the ‘CEO of the Year’ in 2021 for London, Support Solutions Hub Ltd is a company providing exemplary outsourced customer service. Fundamentally, operating out of a call centre in Pakistan, its professional and committed employees work hard around the clock to be the first point of contact for the customers of the UK Taxi industry, making operation somuch easier for the companies in question and creating a far more fluid, seamless experience for all involved. This, in essence, has beenmade possible by the dedication to hard work that runs through every facet of this company from the bottom to the top. Support Solutions Hub – or SSH – is a company serving the UK transport industry by contributing to filling a gap in the market. Opening a door to further opportunity for its customers and team equally, it offers Taxi companies the chance to better their services by providing customer service operators that customers reach as the first line of contact by way of its call centre based in Pakistan. Founded in 2018, this company began on the idea of realising an opportunity that still had plenty of room in the market for another company providing such services to the UK’s diligent and hardworking Taxi operators, especially when enhancing the experience of customers and focusing on aiding Pakistani professionals. Therefore, when it comes to core values and modus operandi, SSH’s beating heart is serving the UK’s Taxi-hailing market by uplifting the livelihood of human resources providers in Pakistan, allowing these professionals to ply their trade in an innovative manner and an invaluable field. Vitally, it wishes to develop each of these professionals in order to bolster their careers. This means a great deal of upskilling and training, and has created a culture of understanding, tenacity, and dedication within its ranks that permeates every facet of the company. All in all, SSH believes that happy employees mean happy customers. Due to this prevailing attitude, each staff member within its ranks can always expect to be well taken care of during their time working for SSH, and it promises that they will leave having had an opportunity to further bolster and improve their careers in new and unexpected ways. Part of the SSH Group that provides multiple products and services to businesses on a global scale, SSH as a Taxi customer service liaison enjoys membership amongst a number of other, equally client- focused companies that aid Taxi companies in the UK, all made possible by the excellence of CEO Hamza Javaid. The CEO himself worked for over 4 years in the Taxi industry prior to founding the company, building up an exemplary base of knowledge that has served him well in creating the business he runs today; furthermore, he approaches applying this knowledge with the perspective of empathising with the customer in mind. His staff, therefore, will always seek to serve a customer with sensitivity and understanding, utilising their training and development within a growing team, allowing for an internal hiring rate of 95% as SSH’s staff continually grow and improve. Due to this, it now boasts the highest staff retention rate in the call centre industry of Pakistan. Additionally, despite the trials and tribulations of Covid-19, SSH looks forward to a bright future as it has moved into a new office, which can now accommodate 500 employees, and it looks forward to moving into the industries of banking, telecoms, automobiles, law, hospitality, and more as a direct result. Company: Support Solutions Hub Ltd Contact: Hamza Javaid Website: Oct21390