Issue 12 2020

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2020 17 Forward Thinkers current location in London into new territories such as Germany and California over the next few months, as Covid-19 restrictions hopefully ease and business returns to normal. In addition, ONQOR is hoping to expand its team to fifty, enabling them to compete within a larger arena of agencies as well as to execute more aggressive and comprehensive strategies for their clients. Internally, ONQOR is looking at how they can better themselves and their company, cutting down on plastic usage every month at ONQOR, and working towards completely eradicating all single-use plastic items from the business operations by 2020. This is a small part of a larger company-wide initiative to reduce environmental impact and become a completely carbon-neutral business in the next five years. As business activity begins to resurge across the UK and internationally, ONQOR is gearing up to provide their comprehensive services on a global scale. With a commitment to constantly improving their existing systems and infrastructure in order to provide the best services to their clients, ONQOR is doing everything they can to make sure they are fit to serve the companies of the future. Contact: Joe Kaul Company: ONQOR Group Web Address: