Issue 12 2020

16 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 12 2020 , Forward Thinkers Situated on Central London’s thriving Old Street, ONQOR Group is a dynamic marketing and technology agency that provides services to businesses in the UK that are designed to create high qualitymarketing and efficient systems, two elements which are vital to the success of any business. In uniting these two industries under one roof, ONQOR has brought innovation and creativity together, whichwill facilitate sustainable and reliable growth and the accurate realisation of any business owner’s vision. We spoke to Founder and CEO, Joe Kaul, to find out more about this young and exciting enterprise. Established in 2017 by Joe Kaul, recipient of CEO of the Year 2020 by CEO Monthly Magazine, ONQOR Group is a marketing and technology agency based in central London, providing businesses across the UK with high-quality marketing solutions while helping to drive down overheads by implementing effective systems and processes. Inspired by the French word, ‘encore’ meaning ‘again’, ONQOR was conceptualised on the premise that repeat business is an essential element of long-term financial success and sustainability, which exists at the heart of the organisation’s mission to help business grow sustainably and with proven ROI. ONQOR’s founding mission was to build a marketing agency that was a collaborative group of talent who each boasted exceptional expertise in their respective fields, providing comprehensive services, rather than just one specific niche. Since the firm’s inception, this mission has evolved to promote sustainable growth for businesses, as well as to enable clear systems and processes that drive and define change for the good of a business and for society in a wider context. ONQOR takes a unique approach as the O.Group, which is divided into different elements as part of a group structure which Jul20660 has been proven to provide the best quality service for clients whilst simultaneously perfecting the different processes which take place within the group. The ‘O’ of O.Group is split into two, to symbolise the two sides of the brain, the left side being analytical and data driven and the right, creative and innovative. ONQOR bridges the gap between the two ways of thinking, focusing on creativity and strategy and how the cohesion of the two creates strong, productive solutions. The ‘.’ of O.Group is a recurrent feature throughout the organisation’s marketing, representing the team’s leverage of data-driven analytics to predict results from marketing campaigns with high levels of accuracy. This advanced and unbiased approach to service offers clients the best possible platform from which to develop their business to attain new levels of successful growth. This approach also incorporates the O.TRIE Method, a process developed internally by ONQOR to maximise returns on investment whilst also minimising risks in the advertising space. The process consists of four steps: Test, Repeat, Inspect and Execute and is a process which tests market reactions before fully launching a campaign, therefore making sustainable growth from a campaign more certain and saving clients money. This aligns with ONQOR’s budget-first approach that the firm has followed since day one, which allows the team to define what is attainable for clients in a consultative manner and advise on the best places to allocate spend throughout the year to help maximise returns on investment. The client-centric approach taken by ONQOR has helped a broad spectrum of clients over the past three years, and now, the organisation is able to be more selective in who they work with. These are companies with strong ethics and good morals, who do the utmost to offset any negative environmental impact they may have and share ONQOR’s vision to make a positive impact in the world we are living in. In order to achieve these significant and positive outcomes, ONQOR relies heavily on the quality, timeliness and effectiveness of the team, or Troupe, as they are more fondly known. With an average age of twenty-three, this team of twenty of young, ambitious and innovative professionals are gifted in working together as a strong collective who view each other as so much more than colleagues. For Joe, the Troupe is everything to ONQOR, as he explains: “It’s incredible to see the impact we collectively have on our clients’ businesses and how we can facilitate growth by implementing our own strategies and solutions, bringing about tangible change. “To be part of the Troupe is to be part of a unit pursuing the best for their clients and to have the ambition to grow and develop together. Sharing skillsets and skillset development are core to our business growth and give us a competitive edge by ensuring everyone on the team is the best they can be – that’s why we mandate eight hours of personal development every month, as well as providing training materials and sessions throughout the year to all staff.” By hiring internally, ONQOR has saved well over £70,000 in recruitment fees in the past year alone. It also enables the team to identify the talent that they want to work with on their own terms, without a third party who might have ulterior motives. As a result, ONQOR has successfully scaled from a team of three to twenty in only three years, one of which was the toughest faced by the UK economically in decades. Thanks to Brexit and Covid-19 in particular, this young business has faced more than its fair share of adversity in only three years, yet its success and resilience are testament to the hard work and dedication of the Troupe and the results they deliver. As a result, ONQOR has seen considerable growth since its inception and is now in a position to expand from its