Issue 11 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 11 2023 20 Upon embarking on a career in consulting and spending 20 years rising through the hierarchy in a variety of senior roles, Lushani came to recognise a critical downfall that would ultimately lead to the establishment of her own consulting firm in 2017. This realisation was that, as expansive as the sphere is, there was a severe lack of inclusive team cultures, and a dry well of creativity desperately needing to be filled. As such, Lushani took matters into her own hands and founded Luminii Consulting – an innovative firm that prides itself on Since 2017, Luminii Consulting has been providing strategy consulting, commercial due diligence, and value creation to businesses and investors of all sizes. Be it global corporates through to SMEs, Luminii is wholeheartedly committed to delivering results. This is accomplished through a personalised approach – one that considers the unique requirements of each client and devising the most effective strategies to support their business growth. Join us as we explore how CEO Lushani Kodituwakku has dedicated the last six years elevating Luminii to new heights, earning her the title of Market Research & Intelligence CEO of the Year 2023 – London. three core values: integrity, collaboration, and excellence. Though this was just a starting point, Luminii would quickly rise through the ranks to become one of London’s most renowned consultancy firms. These values are a direct result of Lushani’s unapologetic passion for being a trusted adviser upon which clients can truly rely – one that adopts an honest and pragmatic approach towards providing commercial advice, all whilst genuinely supporting their growth. From the beginning, Lushani wished to build a firm that colleagues would actively enjoy working for, allowing for a heightened sense of collaboration between each and every team member. Her belief is that only then can an organisation truly flourish, and Luminii is a shining example of how cohesive, respectful teamwork holds the power to potentially reinvent the industry. Combine this with Lushani’s infectious love for her craft, and you’ve got a team that consistently adheres to its CEO’s vision without any qualms. When we discussed what characterised Lushani’s leadership style, she had this to say – “I believe my leadership style can be described as both democratic and charismatic, as I value inspiring others to be their best, whilst also creating a happy and collaborative work environment.”. She further detailed how “… Luminii has been built on that ethos that there is no hierarchy. I seek, value, and implement feedback and input from the members of my team when making key decisions…”. Truly, Luminii is a genuine reflection of the authenticity that Lushani expresses throughout her business ventures – no employee is overlooked, and each individual is viewed as an invaluable part of an inclusive family. For over 25 years, Lushani has been delivering complex strategy, commercial due diligence, market research, and intelligence projects to a variety of clients. As a result, she has cultivated an immense wealth of understanding concerning the consultancy industry, and how to best navigate it alongside her peers. Over the years, she has contributed to the growth for over 500 businesses, becoming a renowned adviser that any business can trust. Now, her brilliance is delivered via Luminii, through which she is able to spread her expertise, all whilst encouraging new and creative approaches to age old problems. Luminii represents everything that Lushani stands for - something that is incredibly clear to see through the amazing impact that it has had on a variety of businesses and companies alike. We’re incredibly proud to feature Lushani within this month’s issue of CEO Monthly 2023. Her dedication to her craft, as well as her team, is simply second to none. In addition to working tirelessly to improve the industry in every plausible way, Lushani has also devoted herself to becoming the perfect role model for the next generation of consultants. It’s clear that her passion for what she does is unrivalled, earning her the much-deserved title of Market Research & Intelligence CEO of the Year 2023 – London. Contact: Lushani Kodituwakku Web Address: https://www. Illuminating the Path Forward