Issue 11 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 11 2023 19 Mar23134 carry out the task and ensure effective and reliable cyber protection company wide. Recruiting such talent can be challenging, time-consuming, and costly, making outsourcing a cost-effective choice. Onca, not only provide practical support or technical solutions, but also offer strategic advice and recommendations at a virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) level. This vCISO consultancy, or CISO as a service, provision allows a company to gain objective but informed insight into how to best improve their cyber security posture. Under the EU GDPR, the repercussions of a security incident can be devastating for a business, not only on a financial level, but also in terms of reputation. Companies can be fined up to 4% of their global annual turnover in the event of a data breach, and these breaches must be reported, and the details disclosed to customers. Ultimately, this can damage or even sever relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders, making it a matter of the upmost importance. Onca can support in proactively identifying and targeting emerging risks, using an intelligent and dynamic tool to analyse possible vulnerabilities within a system or network before these are noticed by an outside attacker. This level of protection also demonstrates to customers, partners, and stakeholders, that their best interests are taken care of as matters of security are treated seriously. In addition to an intact reputation, MSSPs like Onca will assess and implement the best security systems for a specific business, which ensures that all necessary policies and procedures in that specific industry are adhered to, resulting in compliance with the strict legal standards that are imposed on businesses. This is particularly paramount in industries such as financial services and health, where the handling of customer and patient data has additional security requirements. Onca keeps up to date with all these changes, so rest-assured the business is always on its front foot and will help you to stay informed and prepared. The company fully appreciates that time is money, and businesses are often restrained on both of these fronts. Through partnering with Onca, efficiency will improve, and a clear ROI will be demonstrated through immediate and continual specialist access. Moreover, it is much easier to manage such a comprehensive service from a single security provider than invest in a combination of unfinished solutions, which will save time, money, and increase efficiency in the long run. Onca understands that it is essential to choose the right cyber security partner and can assist its clients across every stage of the process, The level of support a business requires will depend on a number of factors, such as the current capabilities of the team, the size and function of the business, and where the key gaps in security defences can be found. As the organisation continues to develop, the cyber security requirements will evolve concurrently, and Onca can expand its service provision in line with this. Ultimately, the right MSSP can mitigate the attack risks related to remote working, introducing necessary measures such as network access controls, security best practices and staff training, to better protect a client’s network while allowing flexible access for staff. This is in addition to providing and maintaining good “cyber hygiene”, including measures such as network firewalls, antivirus software, regular secure data back-ups, device and file encryption, regular software updates, and robust password control. As a proud MSSP, Onca strives to deliver all of these services efficiently, robustly, and to the highest standards. Through his hard work, Kurtis has crafted a stellar cyber security firm that is providing innovative services while upholding everything that MSSP’s stand for and hold dear. With a free first consultation and excellent client feedback highly recommending the firm, business owners in need of a cyber security partner should look no further than Onca Technologies. Company: Onca Technologies LTD Web Address: