Issue 10 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2023 26 ohn Lie-Nielsen serves as the CEO of One Park Financial while his partner and co-founder, Ben McCrery serves as President and Chief Credit Officer. The business launched in 2010 and is designed to assist SMEs with faster access to suitable funding opportunities. It strongly believes that small businesses should have the same opportunities to take advantage of working capital, as big corporations do. The way it goes about this is to pair its client companies with a funding partner happy to work with people who might not have a perfect credit score. This is where it differs from banks, offering a more streamlined process allowing pre-qualification for business funding within the same day instead of weeks or even months. John has good form in the sector. He has over 25 years of experiencing in the financing arena. As CEO, he sees it as his primary responsibility to shape the company’s strategic direction by ensuring it possess the necessary capital to support its goals. He also knew it was critical to assemble a talented team that could execute these strategies successfully. As John has simply put it to his executive team: “The job of a CEO is to own Strategy, capital, and people.” What truly distinguishes the company is its passionate belief in the core principles of results, client success, taking risks, and having fun while doing it all! The One Park Financial values were not a preconceived game plan, but something that emerged naturally over time, influenced by past experiences. They now serve as a guiding light, with every decision carefully weighed and evaluated against them. John believes that it is by maintaining a commitment to the company values (and what they do not value) that it is able to avoid many potential hazards and pitfalls. It is vital for One Park staff to support each other, celebrate victories as a team, and be there to uplift one another during challenging times. He is proud that at its core the company operates as a meritocracy. To enable small business financing is what drives the company with an unwavering commitment. It is proud to be able to relate to SMEs on a fundamental level, with an understanding of exactly how Taking Risks to Build Successful Businesses One Park Financial’s John Lie-Nielsen has been announced as the Most Influential CEO 2023 - Florida (SME Financing Technology). We were interested to take a deeper dive into what goes on at the SME funding company and investigate how John’s leadership style bolsters the business processes and supports the entrepreneurial mindset. demanding their days can be. That’s why it is so important to value a pace that is fast, knowing full well that time is money when it comes to business. It aims to get its SMEs what they need swiftly and allow them to get back to the challenge of running their businesses. With a fluency in both English and Spanish due to its Miami roots, One Park genuinely walks the talk when it comes to diversity. In a highly competitive industry, it is one of only a handful who can truly bridge linguistic barriers and make working capital accessible to a wider range of entrepreneurs. As CEO, John’s leadership style is rooted in the servant-leader approach, with a strong belief that to lead effectively one must serve their own team by understanding their needs and championing their successes. This is a philosophy underpinned by his trust in open and direct communication. He supports the need to equip team members with clear direction, understanding, and a platform to voice their opinions. He strongly aligns his personal beliefs with that of the company, so he knows he is advocating a philosophy and culture he cares about and fully supports. His personal journey has been shaped by influential figures including his first boss in investment banking and his entrepreneurial father. Such figures were pivotal in teaching John resilience and insights into the industry he loves. In essence, whilst John’s leadership style has constantly evolved and been shaped by experiences and mentors, its core remains steadfast. He is committed to serve, communicate, and uphold the values he believes in, and that resonate on a personal level. With such an innovative and dedicated leader at the helm, it is clear to see why One Park Financial is flourishing in the world of fast business financing. We are thrilled to be able to feature such a devoted CEO and wish him and his company nothing but the best for the future. Company: One Park Financial Web Address: Contact Name: John Lie-Nielsen Jul23796 J