Issue 10 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2023 25 The Only Way to Play Currently operating nine casinos throughout the UK, as well as three in Cairo, Metropolitan Gaming Group represents the pinnacle of luxury casinos, and is heralded as the No.1 multichannel gaming and hospitality brand in the UK. However, this has only been made possible by its CEO, Michael Silberling. Bringing over 30 years of experience within the business to the table, Michael has long since recognised the key pointers for success. Having the right people with the right attitudes translates to customer relationships and satisfaction, resulting in a powerful combination of profit and pride. In terms of his approach towards his role as CEO, Michael presents a variety of unique qualities that truly set his leadership style apart. Enriched with years of accumulated expertise, Micheal adopts a form of situational leadership. Depending on the needs of both the business and its staff members, he is more than prepared to coach, mentor, and partake in periodic check ins to help keep everything on track. No member of Metropolitan Gaming Group’s team is left to struggle alone, and Michael takes his responsibilities as CEO incredibly seriously in order to maintain a solid internal structure that’s filled with care. This passion for mentoring derives from two key factors - the fantastic mentors that helped guide Michael to where he is today – namely Lou, Hector, Tom, Carlos, and Evan - and the previous blows that his team had suffered in the past. As a result of disinterested previous ownership and underinvestment in capital and technology, the staff behind Metropolitan Gaming Group had been made to feel as though the odds were constantly stacked against them. In response, Michael took on the task of completely reforming the internal culture of the company, eventually managing to empower his colleagues through mentoring and careful leadership. Now, the team is a high-performing, passionate collective that has driven the success of the company. Michael is a CEO that truly takes pride in the work that he’s doing for his business on a daily basis. Not only is he deeply passionate about the industry and its nuances, but he avidly enjoys being able to bring a service and entertainment focus to the collective. His ambitions lie with reinventing the way individuals across the country think about the UK casino experience, and does so by applying himself to every possible avenue to make Metropolitan Gaming the go-to casino group. All of these qualities combined makes Michael Silberling more than deserving of the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - London (Luxury Gaming Hospitality). His love for his work is second to none – something that truly shines through everything he does. From empowering his team, to reimagining the industry in new and exciting ways, Michael embodies everything that a CEO should be. Passionate, hard-working, and eager to see his team, and his business, thrive in a plethora of ways. We’re extremely proud to shed light on the incredible man that is Michael Silberling, and we simply can’t wait to see how his dedication goes on to transform the UK’s casino sphere in the coming years. Contact: Eva Skowronek Company: Metropolitan Gaming Group Web Address: https://www. Aug23239 Being a CEO is becoming an increasingly difficult position to uptake, no matter the industry. However, trying to juggle being a CEO, whilst also flawlessly running some of the UK’s most renowned, luxury casinos sounds like an impossibility. One that Michael Silberling of Metropolitan Gaming Group has made possible. By equipping himself with all of the right tools, and always believing in what casinos can – and should- be, Michael has gained an incredible mastery over his craft and earned himself the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - London (Luxury Gaming Hospitality). Below, we explore how.