Issue 10 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2022 7 Mar22259 CEO of the Year, 2022 - Milan, Italy Mr Arthur Markaryan founded technological leader in R&D, DVB-TECH in 2019, steering it in Design and Manufacture of RF & Microwave Solid State Power Amplifier solutions ( Pulse & CW ) for Electronic Warfare (EW), RADAR, Satellite Communications(SATCOM) and Medical. We have recognised Mr Markaryan’s work and named him CEO of the Year, 2022 - Milan, Italy. Join us as we take a look at his extraordinary career and company. DVB-TECH is a turnkey solutions provider offering customers standard and custom design from device to sub-system level within its production facilities, producing rugged, power efficient, and cost-effective solutions using state-of-the-art latest technologies. Its team is made up of highly skilled RF/mechanical engineers who specialise in hardware/ software development. The company’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions is suited for the requirements of the world’s most critical industries. Froma variety of radar systems, electronic warfare (EW), and satellite communications, DVB-TECH offers industries the highest quality andmost costeffective solutions. Founder and CEO, Arthur Markaryan says, “Our Air and Liquid cooled Amplifiers incorporates the latest semiconductors and power combining technologies allowing us manufacture the highly effective and flexible COTS systemamplifiers in the world. Solutions range from tens of watts to hundreds of Kilowatts fromdevice to sub-system level covering frequency range fromHF to Ka Band” Arthur Markaryan is a businessman with over 16 years’ experience, who, through his career, has held various management positions at Unique Broadband Systems (UBS), as a head of the Defence & Space division, where he nurtured key relationships and engendered strategic partnerships that led to significant revenue growth. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Georgia National University SEU, with an emphasis on finance and communications. Earlier in 2010, Mr Markaryan, while showing constant strength as a best-in-class industry leader, was driving the pace of innovation by founding the company which was then operating under the name, Digital Video & Audio Broadcasting Technology. He engaged in design and manufacturing of VHF/UHF SSPA Systems and significantly restructured the company, with its profile changing and expanding, including the manufacturing and technology development assets, to create the company known today as DVB-TECH. Now, 80% of DVB-TECH’s customers are the largest defence contractors who have very niche needs. Arthur gives us an insight into what this involves: “We approach each project individually. We constantly invest to continue developing innovative products and systems to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. We understand quality standards of our customers and are committed to developing products and systems that meet and exceed these standards. “Our products reflect the needs of our customers and the sectors we operate within. We pride ourselves on our very high levels of professionalism, not only in our products and systems, but also in the people that we employ. Our support staff have many years of experience and knowledge.” Indeed, DVB-TECH is an ideal place to work for those who are looking to expand their wealth of knowledge and expertise. As a global industry leader, it offers a dynamic and diverse team environment. It values the unique skills and qualities that each employee brings, and it respects each employee as an integral member of its growing team. It is thanks to the efforts of the team that DVB-TECH was able to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic stronger than ever before – because this period had a significant impact on the technology sector, affecting raw materials supply, disrupting the electronics value chain, and causing inflationary risk on products. At the beginning of the pandemic, the team soldiered through very serious problems with suppliers of microelectronics; many projects were at risk and a lot of work had to be put in to adapt to the new reality with minimal damages. Additionally, the company is proud that to this day, none of its employees lost their jobs due to the pandemic – in fact, it has only continued to hire highly skilled professionals. Arthur comments, “After facing this challenge, I feel more confident in myself and my team and this experience undoubtedly positively affected my role.” Now, DVB-TECH is focused on the future, with plans for the next 12 months including building up its presence in the USA, with it having recently successfully registered its subsidiary company, DVB-TECH (USA). This will involve not only a sales and support team, but also the manufacturing of products and systems. Then, over the next three to five years, it will continue to work on inevitable growth and subsidiaries and turning ideas into solutions for its customers. Company: DVB-TECH Contact: DVB-TECH’sPressCenter Email: [email protected] Website: Aug 416