Issue 10 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2022 6 Utilising Data To Bolster Businesses At the helm of Go Live Data stands Adam Herbert, an innovative and dedicated CEO. His attitude to business and willingness to take risks has pushed Go Live Data into an industry leading position within the space of three years – therefore, he has earned the title of CEO of the Year, 2022 - Manchester, the United Kingdom. o Live Data utilises its engagement and data offerings to assist customers with client acquisition and, of course, retention. The company primarily offers data-driven products, such as data supply, data cleaning and enhancement, and data analysis. Moreover, Go Live Data provides engagement outreach through its own internal email marketing and QR campaigns which are driven by the data it possesses. The team has a duty to ensure that the businesses they work with use Go Live Data’s data in an ethical and responsible manner – and, in this regard, Go Live Data seeks to serve as a voice for improvement. Typically, Go Live Data collaborates with large corporations across multiple industries, including insurance, telecommunications, public sector, health and safety, and financial services. As a technology company working within the data and engagement field, Go Live Data is able to offer the market something it has never seen before, namely a new perspective on how to serve customers not only through data but also through the outreach and business objectives of its clients. ‘When we set-up the business we were well aware that our proposition and our approach was alien to how the industry had worked before,’ explains Adam Herbert, ‘and we knew that it was going to be a difficult task. Roll on coming up-to three years we have had real buy in from the market and we have been chosen by some of the world’s biggest businesses to help support their data and marketing goals.’ As both the CEO and Co-founder of Go Live Data, Adam Herbert bears the responsibility of leading the business. However, as he has over 20 years of experience within sales and marketing, he boasts a great amount of specialist knowledge surrounding business. It is this experience that has shaped his leadership style – he is known for being driven, communicative, and passionate. When discussing his leadership style, Adam states, ‘I believe leadership fundamentally starts with treating everyone how you wish to be treated yourself then pushing people to become even better through their own development, you have to give your people freedom to explore their roles and push the boundaries as this is the only way your business can continue to grow and evolve. I am very much a people first leader. It was hard taking the role of a CEO, it was more difficult than I expected, moving from managing in the micro to managing in the macro was a transition which took time and I also suffered from imposter syndrome at times, but this helped me to evolve into the business leader I am today.’ Through his ingenuity, Adam has pushed Go Live Data to overcome multiple hurdles. One such challenge involved keeping the company’s processes up to date in order to match the company’s growth. In his role, Adam was responsible for evaluating how these changes were impacting the business and whether they were made at the right time. Challenges, Adam believes, are great learning opportunities; mistakes can lead to continued growth. Consequently, over the next year, Go Live Data will continue to evolve and improve, with plans to launch several innovative products in the works. Contact: Adam Herbert Company: Go Live Data Web Address: Aug22076 G