Issue 10 2020

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2020 9 Building The Bank Of The Future chief among them when it comes to delivering success. However, for any growing and ambitious business, the acquisition and retention of talent is crucial to its future success. Key to this is being able to set out an ambitious strategy that interests and excites people, but it’s also about creating a really positive and collegiate working environment. What is particularly powerful about the firm and the surveys that the staff take is that around 90% of the employees at Cynergy Bank would recommend it as a place to work. Real testimony from real employees can be a truly exceptional recruitment tool. Looking to the future, Cynergy Bank and Mr Fahy have big plans for where its digital relationship bank can go and expand to. The market-leading digital platform that the firm has planned will launch in early 2021, enabling relationship managers to become growth advisors powered with a suite of inputs, all of which are delivered digitally and via partners. These include data insights into market dynamics and business performance by sectors. Each of the relationship managers will share these insights with customers so that they can review their business performance against the market and generate tangible actions to drive growth and deliver efficiencies. Ultimately, the Cynergy Bank human and digital model will transform banking for those customers who still value a face to face relationship that is merged with the latest digital technology, and Mr Fahy is the leader of that industry transformation. As it seeks to go beyond banking into offering a suite of additional business service support through integrated tools and infrastructure that is delivered digitally to customers, there can be no doubt that Mr Fahy’s business leadership will continue to play a vital role. Company: Cynergy Bank Contact: Nick Fahy Website: