Issue 10 2020

10 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 10 2020 , Champion of Debt Collection The Giant for Consulting & Training was established by the talented Dr. Abdulrahman Abukhalid. Dr. Abdulrahman has nearly twenty years of practical hand-on experience in various challenging roles, including Early Follow-up & Collection for The Leading Bank of Saudi Arabia, Head of Asset & Liability Products Development, Chief Compliance & Permanent Controls Officer, Retail Risk Manager and Marketing Manager for four major banks in Saudi Arabia. With this impressive experience behind him, Dr. Abdulrahman went on to set-up The Giant for Consulting & Training. The aim was to leverage all of his knowledge and exploit his professional skills and create something truly exceptional. He has not disappointed. The Giant for Consulting & Training has grown spectacularly since its inception, expanding into new and exciting areas that have allowed the firm to flourish. When it comes to the training itself, Dr. Abdulrahman has put into place a system that ensures every client receives a unique service. The team meet with clients to discover what they need from their trainees, as well as conducting a performance GAP analysis. This allows the firm to better understand the When it was established in 2010, The Giant for Consulting & Training was the first specialized “Debt Collection” trainer in Saudi Arabia. A decade on, it remains the only one, but a leader in its class. Under the steady hand of Dr. Abdulrahman Abukhalid, named the Best 2020 Credit & Collection Training Business Leader in TheMiddle East in CEOMonthly’s Global CEO Excellence Awards 2020, the firmhas gone from strength to strength. We dug a little deeper to discover more about his leadership. Jul20565 challenges facing the client and to improve the outcome. The training material is therefore custom designed, with clients able to conduct a final review before any training is delivered. The team have recently celebrated their 200th Debt Collection course, with over 4000 professionally trained collectors from all sectors. All training is undertaken by Dr. Abdulrahman, whose practical approach has inspired great work in those who he has taught. As a passionate, specialized and experienced practitioner, it is easier to transfer his real- world experience to others than it would be to assign it to inexperienced trainers. Dr. Abdulrahman’s passion for education does not stop here, and he periodically participates in free “public” seminars and speeches, in collaboration with the Saudi Chambers. This is part of the firm’s ongoing community service contribution to give back to society. The field of debt collection is one that Dr Abdulrahman knows well. He understands the vital role it plays in every business. Some CEOs misunderstand the purpose of a well-trained collection team, not understanding that a lack of investment in this area will lead to poor collection results and no income. The client figures of those who come to The Giant for Consulting & Training don’t lie. Training can be measured by actual numbers in terms of ROI, and the training provided by Dr. Abdulrahman has seen less legal action to collect money, a bypassing of deadlocks and most importantly continued healthy relationships with clients. It’s an invaluable service. Looking forward, Dr. Abdulrahman is aiming to take his team to new and impressive heights. Following the team’s success in Saudi Arabia, it’s time for the firm to spread its wings into new territories. Already plans are in place to expand into the United Arab Emirates (UAE), with Dr. Abdulrahman able to deliver training in both Arabic and English. Other areas will shortly follow. The continued success of The Giant for Consulting & Training is a credit to Dr. Abdulrahman. His guidance has seen it expand so effectively over the years to become an asset to many in the region. The firm’s formidable growth doesn’t seem likely to stop any time soon. Company: The Giant For Consulting & Training Name: Dr. Abdulrahman Abukhalid Web Address: