Female CEO of the Year Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / Female CEO of the Year Awards 2022 9 Sep22123 The United Kingdom is a location perfect for launching and growing enterprises, and this is the belief that underpins Extrinsik’s mission to help entrepreneurs find their feet in UK industry be it through the launch or expansion of a business. It deals with a plethora of clients from across the globe, from different backgrounds, cultures, professional perspectives, and aspirations. In essence, Extrinsik provides bespoke solutions, engaging with its clients to uncover a suitable pathway to success. Founded in August 2020, the startup is currently regarded as one of the UK’s fastest growing consulting firms. It has established itself as a force to be reckoned with on an international scale, with a network of clients spanning the globe. Relationships of this magnitude have been formed through the impassioned work of Extrinsik’s CEO, Shaina Aggarwal, who interacts ‘with current clients as well as those who are contemplating becoming customers in the future and are interested in Extrinsik is here to help you reach your goals. Its CEO, Shaina Aggarwal, knows first-hand how challenging it can be to begin a business, and therefore, you can count on Extrinsik to provide an authentic and transparent service. obtaining our services. I am responsible for determining the sales strategy, assisting customers, managing B2B relationships, and ensuring that we achieve our targets.’ Hailing from a family of entrepreneurs, it’s clear to see where Shaina’s tenacity comes from: by age 21, she had moved to a new country; by 23, she had launched her own firm; and at 25, Shaina has been elected Female CEO of the year. Indeed, Shaina is an entrepreneur in heart and mind. Boasting a Master’s Degree in International Business and Strategy from the University of Dundee, Shaina tells us that her education, combined with her childhood experiences, shaped her skills and motivated her to begin honing her abilities at a young age. Yet it hasn’t all been plain sailing. As a woman in the industry, Shaina has faced several challenges, which she describes as, ‘in the business sector, it is uncommon to find other women company owners to connect with for guidance and support. There are certainly some kindmen who are great at mentoring. However, our level of success in this field will be defined by our level of enthusiasm, persistence, and unwavering commitment.’ Shaina vows to support women entering the industry by prioritising pursuing business relationships with other women who are as equally as motivated by a desire to see their firm succeed no matter what. Equal pay and opportunities are provided to the women at Extrinsik as the company firmly believes in female empowerment, echoing the prior statements issued by Shaina. It strives to support women in every way possible. Henceforth, the future of Extrinsik is based around expansion, as it hopes to incorporate more services that will push professionals to discover new possibilities for their businesses. Further, it is in the process of developing a cuttingedge mobile application that will enhance the recruitment process for any organisation. Shaina concludes, ‘In the future, I want to broaden the reach of my company’s brand, Extrinsik, to every corner of the globe; moreover, I want to see my company’s revenue increase so that I may provide positions of employment in this remarkable and rapidly expanding new venture; these are some of my aims.’ Contact: Shaina Aggarwal Company: Extrinsik Web Address: www.extrinsik.co.uk Best Business Coaching & Consulting Platform CEO (London): Shaina Aggarwal