Female CEO of the Year Awards 2022

CEO MONTHLY / Female CEO of the Year Awards 2022 10 Most Innovative Blockchain CEO 2022 (APAC): Caroline Macdonald Black Tie Digital helps companies to explore blockchain in a way that reduces risk and maximises the benefits. Having been with the company since its genesis, there is no better expert within the field than Caroline Macdonald, the CEO. lack Tie Digital, a unique BaaS (Blockchain-as-aService) provider, is perhaps best known for helping traditional/legacy platforms, marketplaces, and industries evolve using distributed ledger technologies. As such, the Black Tie Digital ecosystem has been specially designed to provide an environment within which consumers, businesses, commercial entities, and others can explore the digital economy in a secure and intuitive manner. The company is currently focusing on progressively adding platforms, which it hopes will serve to strengthen and enhance the overall ecosystem. Black Tie Digital’s CEO, Caroline Macdonald has cultivated a rich career defined by incredible success. More impressively, she has navigated gauntlet after gauntlet at times of significant upheaval in her life. Here, she offers some insight into her greater achievements. ‘I view my largest achievement to be my adaptation of innovative and cultural change when my father passed suddenly with the reins passing to me overnight. The support at this time from my family, advisory boards and senior team members was invaluable and when I look back now, I often wonder how we managed the transition.’ Of course, not only does this anecdote represent Caroline’s resilience, but it also serves as a testament to her determination to, simply, keep going despite facing the tragedy of loss. Previous to her entry to the blockchain industry, Caroline spent 30 years managing centralised digital currency platforms during this time the sector has evolved greatly. Progression has been substantial, especially since the introduction of the internet, data storage and usage, decentralised financial models, and AI engagement programmes. Moreover, the industry has progressed in other ways – it has become more welcoming of women in all areas, and in order to support this, Black Tie Digital maintains a mentoring programme. Much of this change stems from the increasing accessibility and flexibility in working arrangements. As more young women enter the industry, Caroline strives to support them in the same way that she was supported when she began her career. She actively mentors and guides women through support programmes managed by businesses and education facilities, providing them with advice and tips as they fill a variety of job roles. Through doing this, Caroline is contributing to a wider movement: one that prioritises equal opportunities. Whilst there have been a handful of challenges throughout her career, Caroline states, ‘I don’t view the challenges as women specific, but they are for the most part people specific. Driving change and innovation is not generally a popular occurrence in the commercial space, many individuals struggle to adapt to change. New technologies and world changes are pushing disruption like never before, it has been difficult to lead and nurture remote teams through these environments that are changing nearly daily.’ Despite such challenges, Black Tie Digital is thriving, progressing towards even greater success. The company is primed for Aug22643 B large scale growth in the future, and in preparation, it has released two major blockchain projects this year, including B4Real and B4Finance, which it expects to flourish and expand over the next few years. Whereas, for Caroline, she plans to continue to ‘advise and nurture our teams by moving into board positions and supporting our C-Suite teams to advance general operations. We will work through these transitions over the next five years with a specific focus of adding valuable team members to our global operations over this time.’ Contact: Caroline Macdonald Company: Black Tie Digital Web Address: https://www. blacktie.digital