CEO Monthly July 2017

28 CEO MONTHLY / JULY 2017 , Cennox, the global supplier of Banking Solutions, has completed the successful acquisition of 3SI Security System’s European Division. The deal, whichwas signed on the 25th July, will enable Cennox to further support their European clients. Cennox Completes the Acquisition of 3SI Security Systems’ European Division solutions, especially those around the ATM. This new acquisition goes a long way to strengthening their foot print in Europe, linking customers to a wider variety of banking and retail services. Clive Nation, CEO of Cennox said: “Cennox has enjoyed an excellent working relationship with 3SI. Our acquisition of the European Division of 3SI Security Systems, is also great news for our new colleagues and customers across Europe already accessing these products. Cennox will ensure we complete a smooth seamless transition before connecting our clients with the full breadth of products and services that Cennox can deliver.” Todd Leggett, CEO of 3SI Security Systems added: “The acquisition will see all 3SI European staff join the Cennox Group with immediate effect. The deal also includes their Brussels Head Office and supporting infrastructure coming under This acquisition of 3SI Security System’s European Division by Cennox follows almost two years of their hugely successful exclusive 3SI Distributor agreement, covering the UK & Ireland, that started in October 2015. Cennox has been incredibly active in the security arena, supporting many banks around the world deploying a wide portfolio of security solutions, some supplied by 3SI and others designed and manufactured in- house, by Cennox. A prominent presence at many industry conferences and exhibitions, Cennox has carved a leading position in delivering an incredible array of security the care of Cennox. This will ensure a speedy and seamless transition with no interruption of service and enable the teams at 3SI Security Europe to continue the fantastic work they have been doing. We are very excited about working in the future with the Cennox Group in the Europe markets.”