CEO Monthly July 2017

CEO MONTHLY / JULY 2017 27 hire primarily for cultural fit, with skills and experience the second consideration. A third define their company as having an “elite” culture, described as hiring only the best to change the world by untested means. Subject Matter Experts - An overwhelming majority of courageous executives (90%) emphasised the importance of key hires, stating that discovering subject matter experts and new talents helps their context and credibility and is crucial to success. Tech’s Impact - 70% believe that replacing white-collar workers with technology is a natural progression and to be expected. To prepare for the potential impact of technology on the workforce, 87% of leaders admit to researching new technologies that may help them save on staff costs. 83 % also agree that they’re preparing for the impact of technology replacing their workers by limiting new hires to reduce ongoing overhead. To download the report, visit: Methodology Developed by ThoughtWorks, this report is based on data collected by Northstar Research Partners from C-Suite executives from Fortune 500 companies with 100 employees or more, 87 % of whom have occupied their office for at least three years and 79 % reporting more than $100 million in revenue. The executives are primarily presidents or chief executive officers, the data also includes insights from the full C-suite including CIOs, CMOs, COOs, and CTOs from a variety of industries from finance and retail to healthcare and manufacturing and more. First-Ever Report on Courageous Leadership among Successful C-Suite Executives g