2021 CEO of the Year

88 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 6 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 7 2021 , Jan21221 Headhunted for Success! WhenMr. Jonathan Greene became CEO of FVP Trade 4 years ago, it was for a position he could never have dreamed of. Fromhis humble beginnings as an analyst at a small British bank, he has now been thrust into the limelight, leading a global financial powerhouse. Since joining the FVP group, the company has grown tremendously under his accomplished leadership, with the firmmaking its mark in the highly competitive CFD brokerage industry. Today we take a closer look at Mr. Greene and his firm’s enviable achievements, following his recognition as CEO of the Year, 2021 - London, the United Kingdom in CEOMonthly. What is CFD trading? The world of CFD trading is one that has grown in popularity over the years. In essence, CFDs are used by investors to make price bets as to whether the price of the underlying asset or security will rise or fall, with the opportunity to profit from the difference between the current value of an asset, and its value at the time the contract was made. For investors of all sorts, this offers an opportunity to profit without the associated risks of owning the underlying assets. What is important is the price change between the trade entry and exit. Headhunted to become CEO When Mr. Greene entered this complex field of trading, it was because he had been headhunted for the role. For seven years, he had been instrumental in Kleinwort Benson’s rise. In his role as the firm’s Head of Wealth Management, his work had a direct impact on the growth of the business, including the company’s merger with SG Hambros. It was this merger that propelled Kleinwort Hambros to becoming one of the UK’s largest private banks. The impressive achievements of Mr. Greene during his time at Kleinwort Benson prepared him as the ideal candidate for a CEO role and his achievements were also the reason why Mr. Tim Booth, the CEO of FVP Holdings, headhunted him to lead FVP Trade. FVP Trade is a subsidiary of FVP Holdings. FVP Holdings was established with a singular aim of helping investors achieve above-average market returns consistently, with FVP Trade being formed to be a key part of this vision. What drew Mr. Greene to take up the role was the opportunity to do something different. At the heart of Mr. Booth’s proposal was the chance to revolutionise the CFD trading industry and lead a global company. It was an opportunity that Mr. Greene could not refuse. Leading by example From day one, Mr. Greene gave it his all, through long working hours and lots of late nights spent in the office. He is never content to settle on past achievements and is always looking for new areas in which the firm can improve. One of the key ways of achieving this has been through establishing a reach that stretches beyond Europe and the UK, with the establishment of regional offices globally, giving truly exceptional service to all clients. Many businesses settle after a short period of time, but FVP Trade is constantly pushing at the limits of what can be possible. That spirit is the engine of the firm’s success today, and will never stop. From serving Financial Institutions to serving Retail customers In the early years, FVP Trade primarily focused on serving financial institutions. However, they have gradually expanded to serve retail clients in recent years, as online trading has become extremely popular. The retail trading sector is one of the fastest-growing areas in banking, but it is the sheer enthusiasm of FVP Trade’s team that has made it possible for them to thrive in this competitive landscape. Besides traditional self-trading, the team also offers PAMM, which allows less experienced customers to copy the trades of successful pro traders or algorithms. This enables customers with little to no experience to make consistent returns from the financial markets. Mr. Greene has also championed a broader range of product offerings to cater to the needs of the everyday trader. Empowering not just traders, but also employees While an innovative mindset, which is always looking forward, makes up a great deal of Mr. Greene’s driving energy, his leadership style is one that revolves around effective delegation and communication. Tasks are led by those who will perform them the best, with clear communication about what needs to be done and how to rectify any problems along the way. Throughout his career, Mr. Greene has seen many talented individuals being underutilised