2021 CEO of the Year

CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 87 CEO MONTHLY / ISSU 8 2021 Bio Digital Twins for Healthcare some of the guesswork out of medication prescription, as there is far less trial and error with the actual patient, the digital twin able to immediately rule out medicines and treatments that the patient would not react well to; the digital twin also allows for a list of DNA variants to be drawn up, allowing clinicians to see genetic variation and technical detail quickly and easily. Predictiv’s reports also allow for a summary of the test that is easy for both patient and medical professional to draw data from. Its work, over time, could prevent 12% of adult hospital admissions for genetic causes, forecast the development of 10% of chronic diseases that have a significant genetic component, and gives an overview of genetic reactions to over 300 types of drug, all enabled by its unique bioinformatics pipeline and AI engine. Both of these solutions are – at present – patent pending, but Predictiv is working hard to continue emboldening its efforts whilst it waits, refusing to slow or stagnate in its exemplary work. Thus, it has so far automated over 99% of the process in order to make for a quick and effective analysis that eliminates as much human error as possible, reassuring Predictiv’s patients that their results will be equally reliable every time, all lent more credibility by the education of its CEO. Sajung Yun graduated from the University in Hawaii with flying colours (high honors) and his exemplary qualifications in the Biomedical sciences, fuelling his drive both as a scientist and as an entrepreneur. Sajung knew that he could combine both of his fields in order to deliver something to the world’s market segment that it previously lacked, and this also influenced his other research, such as his work as a genetic engineer at the National Institutes of Health. Moreover, he even received an MBA with a double concentration in Health Care Management and Entrepreneurship from the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. Additionally, as an adjunct lecturer for the MS in Bioinformatics Center for Biotechnology Education at Johns Hopkins University, he currently uses this width and breadth of experience and education to teach up and coming young minds in his field at the centre, specifically delivering a course on using tools for genome analysis. This, and the qualifications of the wider team that range from business acumen to the nitty gritty of modern scientific research, reassures Predictiv’s patients that they will be well taken care of at every turn. With many exciting developments on the horizon and an impressive roster of current work at its back, Predictiv has certainly made itself one to watch. Company: Predictiv Contact: Shivam Mehta (Head of Growth & Strategic Partnerships, [email protected]) Website: predictivcare.com