2021 CEO of the Year

CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 73 CEO MONTHLY / ISSU 11 2021 7 It’s A Beautiful Day fact that more people have been working from home, furloughed, are unemployed, or are simply spending more time at home due to various lockdowns and restrictions. This is something that is not predicted to decrease, especially now that so many customers have seen the products that Aesthetic offers, the prices, and the ease of access for their shopping standards. As a visionary leader with a focus on goals and aspirations, CEO Jumana El Khoury Maalouf has now won CEO of the Year, 2021 – Dubai, The United Arab Emirates, for everything that she has done for the company. “If the plan doesn’t work change the plan, but never the goal.” With this attitude, Jumana has come extremely far and has achieved her dreams of setting up a thriving online and mobile business that reaches a lengthy list of customers in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Her focus on long-term plans means that she has worked her way to the top and she has become a true inspiration. Jumana tells us, “you need to be extraordinary to get noticed and build relationships with your target market. Whether you sell a product or service, you must deliver the utmost experience.” Due to the hard work that she has put in, Aesthetic has countless, fulfilling relationships with new and existing customers that are all looking for the best in the industry. Everything that Aesthetic does is based around the satisfaction of its customers and it has built an amazing inventory of excellent products that are good for everyone’s bodies and bank accounts. In the future, Aesthetic plans on continuing down its path of revolutionising the online and mobile beauty world with its selection of products and exceptional customer support. By creating the future of skin care and a community of great, loyal customers, Aesthetic Today is flourishing and making a huge difference in the beauty industry. By working so hard on its online features, it is allowing customers to find everything they need to feel their most beautiful selves in a quick and easy way. Contact: Jumana El Khoury Maalouf Company: Aesthetic Today LLC Web Address: https://www.aesthetictoday.com/