2021 CEO of the Year

6 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 16 CEO MONTHLY / ISSU 2 2022 , Safety In Numbers With a goal to deliver tangible savings for employers and employees while simultaneously improving healthcare education, benefits, cost transparency and access, Safe Harbor Health guarantees immediate measurable financial savings for all. We find out more fromCoFounder, and Chief Executive Officer, MikeMurray, as he is named CEO of the Year 2021 – Massachusetts, USA. The TOTAL Wellness Program offered by Safe Harbor Health is a voluntary employee benefit known as a Wellness Integrated Medical Plan Expense Reimbursement, or WIMPER, for short. This preventive care, mental health, and chronic disease management focused benefit offers digital care solutions, offered through an app, that can be implemented alongside any health plan to help both employers and their employees save money on healthcare expenses and taxes immediately. Exploring the programme further, it’s clear to see the benefits that this programme can bring to both employers and employees. By helping employees prioritise physical, mental, and emotional health, the TOTAL Wellness Program drastically improves recruiting, retention, and employee satisfaction. In fact, the TOTAL Wellness Program averages a 77% participation rate. Employers that implement the TOTAL Wellness Program save an average of $523 per participant in FICA Taxes, whilst participating employees save an average of $150 per month in taxes by agreeing to participate in the scheme. Employees can then use this $1,800 per year saving to add additional employee benefits of their choice, with little to no change in their take home pay. Employees can also enjoy complimentary digital medical services via the dedicated app that save them money on things from health products to eliminating large hospital bills while improving overall health, whilst employers can lower claims through improved wellness as well as increased data collection, stand-alone RX programs and affordable care locators. Overall Safe Harbor groups and members can reduce healthcare spending from between 5-30% - a phenomenal amount which can make a real difference to someone’s life. Mike Murray is the Chief Executive Officer of Safe Harbor Health and he tells us more about the company through his eyes, stressing the importance of building a strong and dedicated team that he can trust and rely upon. “From a leadership position, I find that it’s important to know and be able to jump in at any level and be able to complete tasks that you ask others to do,” he begins. “Understanding that everyone has strengths and to focus on people’s strengths and understanding what they are good at and to focus their attention there helps. Delegating tasks to people who can do them means I can focus my time on the things that will make us grow rather than trying to do everything myself.” Mike co-founded Safe Harbor Health in January 2019 along with Ryan Herlin. Both men are award-winning insurance professionals from the Boston area and have been serving the healthcare needs of businesses of all sizes nationwide for more than 30 years combined. The company caters to clients who fall into the medium to large group employer’s bracket. It reaches these clients largely by joining up with insurance brokers and financial advisors who are actively perusing the same clientele. However, the firm’s clear differentiator is the huge savings that can be gained from implementing its program and the subsequent benefits. “This is why brokers and advisors see so much value in bringing our program to their clients. It gives them the opportunity to show employees products that they can spend their money on,” Mike says. The team at Safe Harbor Health is a tight-knit unit which meets often and makes decisions together, based on everyone’s unique perspective. “No one has all the answers so having a solid team is critical,” Mike elaborates. “Almost anything can be taught but if I had to pick the qualities we look for it would be integrity and work ethic. We have a lot of fun together but we get things done and I believe that it a recipe for success.” Like any other company, there are challenges and obstacles which have to be faced from time to time, and Safe Harbor Health is no different. One particular challenge for the company and the team is introducing a system that hasn’t been seen before, except in small trials throughout the last few years, as people are often averse to change however Mike has also experienced opportunities, particularly regarding the future. Mike shares, “There are always things that can make our business grow if we just stop and revaluate the track you are on and where you need to go. We have a plan for the next five years but, in the near future, our goal for next year is to mass market our program nationally, much more than we currently are doing.” Recently, Mike was recognised bey CEO Monthly for his involvement with the company, being awarded the eminent title of CEO of the Year 2021 – Massachusetts. “We have a lot of plans to keep adding to the value preposition to Safe Harbor Health,” he enthuses. “The possibilities are endless.” We look forward to seeing what he does next. Contact: Mike Murray Company: Safe Harbor Health Web Address: www.safeharborsavings.com Jan22171