2021 CEO of the Year

44 CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 10 ISSUE 11 2021 , Knowledge Is Power! Knowledge is an incredible powerful tool, and having control of that knowledge is vital in highly regulated industries. The teamat Knowledge Preservation LLC, under the guiding hand of Phyllis Elin, have maintained the highest standards on an international scale when it comes to consulting in this field. Named CEO of the Year, 2021 - NewYork, the USA in CEO Monthly, we thought it time to discover exactly why. The world of information governance is incredible complex, and those who are specialists find themselves in high demand indeed. The team behind Knowledge Preservation are not sought after within New York, but around the world, for their experience and expertise. The team are engaged by clients in highly regulated industries to ensure their data governance policy and procedures are legally defensible at all times. Responsibility for the smooth running of the company falls to Phyllis Elin, a lady who has embraced the variety of life within her business. Information governance is a complicated subject matter, and very few focus on it specifically. As such, she has found her talent is for discovering bright and enthusiastic individuals who can learn from her and skill in the field. While many of her team are trained to degree level, the specific majors are incredibly eclectic. Once trained under her capable guidance, however, all staff are able to fly and flourish within the field. Many of Phyllis’ clients come from highly regulated industries, requiring another perspective to ensure that the highest standards are being met. As such, the team focus in on the needs of global enterprise clients working in sectors such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, communications and corporate legal through the offices of the General Counsel. The Knowledge Preservation team are set apart by their ability to provide best practice Information Governance foundations for every engagement. In recent years, the importance of data governance technology has become obvious to Sep21904 companies, and advising in this field has become an essential part of the services offered by the Knowledge Preservation team. With their own knowledge of a variety of systems, they can not only be knowledgeable about what options to recommend to clients, but can work with the systems that are already in place within a business. As such, the team are able to act as true consultants in every sense of the word. The COVID-19 pandemic has presented many challenges to business, but for Phyllis, the way forward was to embrace the opportunities that might arise from these new circumstances. As companies have downsized, merged and acquired, they have needed to take a closer look at the recordkeeping practices that form the heart of their businesses. The Knowledge Preservation team have pivoted effortlessly to provide the latest in data governance solutions, including turnkey implementations services. P Looking ahead, it’s clear that Phyllis and her team have been kept extraordinarily busy with the new opportunities arising from this change in the market. The success found by her clients has generated even more interest in the firm from strategic partners in complementary industries. With such demand, Phyllis has found new outlets for her incredible knowledge of the industry and is currently working on two information governance books that are to be published shortly, with two more in discussion for development. Her career has grown significantly over the last few years, matching the growth of her firm and the aim is to continue this for the foreseeable future. When we talk of knowledge, we seldom consider that which must be kept safe and secure at all times. Phyllis has built her career on making sure that companies comply with every regulation to keep their customer’s personal data secure. It has earned her acclaim around the world, and an incredible degree of remarkable success. Company: Knowledge Preservation LLC Name: Phyllis Elin Email: [email protected] knowledgepreservation.com Web Address:https://www. knowledgepreservation.com/