2021 CEO of the Year

CEO MONTHLY / 2021 CEO OF THE YEAR 43 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 11 2021 1 Motive-ating NewHeights Of Success offshore drilling industry, giving him a unique perspective on what the sector required and how best to meet their needs. This insider’s perspective was vital to the development of the business model that has seen Motive grow to such success. It also opened Mr. Acton’s eyes to a variety of leadership methods and company cultures, which he has brought to Motive. One of the clearest lessons that came from this work was the realisation that there is no textbook leader and the best way to lead is by reacting to what happens as it happens. Motive had made a name for itself as an industry leader, offering clients energy industry exceptionalism thanks to a highly skilled team and a range of sustainable, multisector solutions. This reputation, however, has only been achieved thanks to the tireless work of Mr. Acton, who has dedicated himself to the development not only of his business, but of himself so that he can continue to lead it successfully to even greater heights! Company: Motive Offshore Group Ltd. Name: David Acton Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.motive-offshore.com