Global CEO Excellence Awards 2020

14 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2020 , Online Payments CEO of the Year 2020 (Europe): Artem Tymoshenko Artem Tymoshenko rose Maxpay to one of the well-known names in the payment industry today. The years have passed, and the company has come to the forefront of payment gateway service providers, ensuring that high-risk businesses can operate clearly and effectively, bringing their cus-tomers the best service possible, and staying compliant. Maxpay was built by Artem from the ground up and has been recognized as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies. His hard work and diligent leadership have encouraged an incredible period of expansion for the team, making the teammates feel more responsibility for the product and come up with new ideas for its development. Maxpay is capable of processing over 130 local currencies, without the need for conversion. This allows mer-chants to be more flexible when it comes to payments. Maxpay has acquirers in many countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Iceland, France, Latvia, Bulgaria, the United States of America, and Hong Kong. From humble beginnings, the company has grown into a successful international payment gateway service provider. This border- breaking industry has allowed the team to explore new and exciting Staying on the topic of online payments,Maxpay’s CEOArtemTymoshenkohas been recognized for his hardwork in ensuring that bothmer-chants and banks can create effective partnerships when it comes to regu-lar customers paying and buying online.We are taking a closer look at his work following his success in this year’s Global CEOExcellence Awards. ways of working. Not only does the Maxpay offer credit card transaction pro-cessing, but also allows merchants to use local and alternative payment methods so that the clients have a seamless payment experience. Artem’s passion for the company has generated an atmosphere of transpar-ent communication, which has organically fostered openness within it. He regularly comes to chat with his employees to see what their needs are and how things are working on a ground level. Similarly, he discusses with them the future goals and potential struggles that Maxpay could face in the fu-ture. Artem cares about the staff a lot, hence the Maxpay’s team started success-fully working from home before the government’s official advice in this area following the Covid-19 outbreak. Artem has gathered and motivated a team that can adapt to these changing circumstances. And thanks to that the monthly meetings, which form the core of the company’s roadmap, went ahead as planned, but only in a digi-tal format. Many companies that have chosen Maxpay, benefited from it, taking ad-vantage of seamless and secure gateway services to grow a business. Not to mention that processing can be done using the local currency, a simple step that makes everything more straightforward for the customer. For business owners, Maxpay offers exciting 360 analytics for a subscrip-tion business, able to produce customizable fit reports, chargeback tracking, and churn control. The portal has been designed to be easily used, allowing anyone to measure, track, and receive real-time reports to grow conver-sions. This information is invaluable to merchants, with the potential to in-crease the rate of conversion when it comes to sales. Tymoshenko and the team of Maxpay, are being celebrated for their success across Europe. This success is not only generated by the high standards with which this CEO operates. Much of the credit should go to his ability to forecast the challenges that businesses face. He then uses this information to adapt the company to what the industry requires. Within the EU, it can be very difficult to open a merchant account – an account that allows business-es to accept payments in multiple ways, particularly with debit or credit cards. This can represent a major challenge to those wanting to work within the EU. The reason for this is simple – banks that have better acquiring solutions tend to work only with EU-based legal entities. This results in better pro-cessing rates and affects the overall price of the service. Maxpay takes on the incorporation of a legal entity on behalf of clients, covering the different supporting documents required for each bank. The team follows all the nec-essary regulations to put this in place, providing an experienced corporate secretary who will handle all correspondence, professionals to provide fidu-ciary service, etc. The ability to handle such a wide variety of tasks which enables a seamless experience for both customers and merchants is a major factor in the suc-cess of Maxpay. Tymoshenkohas encouraged his team to lead the field, which is why the company has become the payment gateway service pro-vider of choice for many. In this arena, security and keeping up with chang-ing demands in the industry is key. Maxpay’s procedures are fully compliant with PCI DSS level 1 v 3.2, and the team also developed its own anti-fraud system named Covery. Covery handles over five million transactions every day with ease and security. Over three years, Covery was able to prevent 170 million risky user actions in the online gaming industry. It’s an important part Jun20016