Global CEO Excellence Awards 2020

CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2020 13 Best Biotechnology Consulting CEO 2020 (Central Europe): Davide Staedler Universities and even have their own internal R&D activities. The firm’s strategy is to meet customers during specific events, in which they present their solutions and services. The key element behind TIBIO’s strategy is scientific excellence. Ultimately, the team at TIBIO strive for scientific excellence in all aspects of their work. As for Davide, there are no concrete plans for the years to come, just the hopes to continue delivering an unparalleled service and setting an example for those seeking to replicate a success similar to his own. Signing off, Davide reveals how he hopes to build upon his extraordinary accomplishments to date. “I do not have a defined plan, instead I like to observe and take opportunities when they arise. The challenge is to be able to rapidly evaluate if an opportunity should be seized. Currently, we are working in a fast- evolving world. As such, the ability to understand the “movement of the waves” and to adapt the activities as rapidly as possible is, in my opinion, the key to success.” Company: TIBIO Sagl Address: Via alla Valle 11, 6949 Comano, Switzerland Telephone: +41 919 406 331 Web Address: |