2018 Global CEO Excellence Awards

CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 25 , GCE18020 Social, Entrepreneurship and Equity Development (SEED) is an enterprise development organisation, which provides solutions to social challenges, using entrepreneurship as a vehicle to create wealth and deliver positive social impact. We profile the organisation to learnmore about the unique services it provides. Best Global Social Impact CEO 2018 Founded in 2009, SEED incorporates an all-inclusive approach for interacting and engaging with a diverse set of audiences. The organisation’s mandate is to work with various stakeholders of the entrepreneurial eco-system for the advancement and development of entrepreneurship in different economic and social stratums across the globe. With a combined experience over half a century in the market, SEED understands that for every problem, there are at least half a dozen solutions; and as such its dedicated team has the innovation to provide those solutions, and the applicative acumen and discerning skills to differentiate the best from the rest. The organisation’s core service is to build and expand businesses, regardless of their existing condition. The team at SEED believe in ‘collaborative creation’ and work through strategic partnerships with the education, private, public, financial, and media sectors to create and employ indigenous solutions in the areas of policy reform, holistic research, stakeholder engagement, investments, entrepreneurial training, sustainable enterprise development and financial inclusion. This unique organisation’s global presence, strongly established in the UK and Middle East allows us to create cross-economic partnerships, and transfer expertise and knowledge to aspiring and existing entrepreneurs. This helps to bridge the gaps between them and the different sectors that SEED works with. Additionally, through constant and holistic research, the organisation is also able to devise solutions for the entire gamut of entrepreneurs that constitute the Entrepreneurial Eco-System. The team at SEED conduct regular surveys to identify problems faced by entrepreneurs; of those at the grass-root level all the way to high-end investors. Success for this innovative organisation would be entirely impossible without the support of a dedicated senior management team, led by CEO and Co-Founder Faraz Khan, a UK-based Pakistani social entrepreneur, investor, published author and public speaker. He is regarded as a leading authority on social entrepreneurship and believes in bringing a positive change in the society with forward-thinking business models that allow him to fulfil a personal commitment to improve the lives of people in the UK, Pakistan and beyond. He is passionate about bridging gaps between continents and nations through entrepreneurship, business and trade. An MBA Marketing graduate from the University of Lincoln, Faraz truly believes that one must never cease to learn and grow, and education is acquired through formal as well as unassuming means. Hence, his four years at Common Purpose, combined with a multitude of first-hand experiences of the entrepreneurial world, groomed him into a true leader and social engineer, who continued to evolve reform and create. Ultimately, SEED’s vision is to create and develop a global sphere of entrepreneurial solutions across multiple structured verticals in regional, national and international markets to bring about a societal and economic change, and this will remain the organisation’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future. Company: SEED Ventures Contact: Faraz Khan Address: 16 Lower Ground, Sunny Gardens Road, London, NW4 1RX, UK Phone: 0208 2020 720 Website: www.seedventures.org

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