2018 Global CEO Excellence Awards

14 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 , GCE18015 Munich Airport is a vital hub for travellers exploring the beauty of Bavaria and beyond. We explored how the airport has flourished under the leadership of President and CEO DrMichael Kerkloh. Aviation CEO of the Year 2018 - Germany Since September 2002 Dr Michael Kerkloh has been at the helm of Munich Airport, as President and CEO. Under his leadership, Bavaria’s gateway to the world has moved up to join the ranks of Europe’s top air transportation hubs, with annual traffic well exceeding 44 million passengers per year. Dr Kerkloh has very successfully promoted a strategic partnership with Lufthansa German Airlines and in a unique joint venture both airport and airline have built terminal 2 and a state-of-the-art satellite to serve the growing demand of air traffic in Munich. Since its inception in 1992, Munich Airport has developed at an enormous pace and the number of passengers has almost quadrupled. Munich Airport is the workplace of around 35,000 employees at more than 500 companies. Dr Kerkloh has always understood that clients expect commercial airports to be supremely efficient, but that they should also supply both work stations and leisure zones, amenities to relax and entertainment, attractive restaurants and a wide range of retail shops that allow an outstanding travel experience in the “airport city”. As a result of this understanding, passengers appreciate the pleasant atmosphere at Munich Airport and the authentic “local spirit” that welcomes them like a foretaste of the easy-going Bavarian lifestyle and the unmistakably sense of fun and enjoyment. Munich Airport even runs its own brewery and tavern. No wonder Munich Airport ranks substantially higher in many air travellers’ estimation and has not only been chosen by travellers as Europe’s best airport several times but was also appointed Europe’s first “5-star-Airport” . Recently, Dr Kerkloh has been re-elected president of Airport Council International (ACI) Europe and represents the interests of more than 500 airports in 45 European countries. In his view European airports face major challenges, including the escalating capacity crunch at the big European hubs, the steadily rising costs for aviation security, the structural transformation within the airline industry, and the need to cut emissions. These issues are at the top of his agenda, and cross-border cooperation among airports will play a key role in addressing them. Looking ahead, Dr Kerkloh sees robust growth in the industry, as well as significant and fast- emerging risks that the volatile geopolitical situation may cause, and he and his team are looking forward to overcoming these challenges and enhancing their airport even further.

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