2018 Global CEO Excellence Awards

12 CEO MONTHLY / GLOBAL CEO EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2018 , GCE18010 Idealz Enterprises LLC are a B2C company that has reimagined the online shopping experience. We profiled the firmas we seek to discover more about the secrets behind their success. Online Shopping CEO of the Year 2018 - GCC Idealz Enterprises LLC online store sells self-branded merchandise which has been both designed and marketed in a way that helps to change people’s lives for the better. When a customer purchases any of the firm’s products, Idealz gives them the chance to win luxury prizes from five categories: cars, watches and jewellery, electronics, cash and gold and lifestyle. Whenever a purchase has been made, customers are also given the option to donate their purchase to our affiliate partner; Dubai Cares. If they chose to do so, the firm rewards them with an additional entry into the prize draw. The company vision is outlined in the firm’s manifesto, every employee has it and knows this intimately, so that they are always able to provide clients with the very highest standards of service which are in line with the firm’s principals. Jad operates a tight ship at Idealz and keep its employee infrastructure lean, so as to remain agile. Looking ahead, Idealz foresees even greater demand for its services, as well as greater competition. With first mover advantage, however, the firm not only have market share, but by the time its competitors have arrived, its R&D will have spun out a hundred new initiatives to keep the firm well ahead of its competitors. As a result of this dynamic and innovative focus, the future looks bright for Idealz, and expansion is the firm’s main priority. Whilst they are already active in multiple territories, the team want to continue to build its presence in each and eventually open offices worldwide. Contact: Jad Toubayly Company: Idealz Enterprises LLC Address: Maze Tower, Office 902, P.O. Box 122555, Dubai, United Arab Emirates Website: www.idealz.com

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