Q2 2020

6 EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 , The Right Turn of Phrase In an increasingly international environment, the need for good translation that captures the nuance of language is paramount. Word Perfect Translations don’t just take the words, they take the verymeaning and communicate it clearly. It has been key to their success. Following success in the Irish Enterprise Awards, recognised as the country’s Best Translation & Interpreting Company 2020, we lookmore closely to find out more. When it comes to translation, the team at Word Perfect have everything covered. They are one of the largest translation services and interpreting companies in Ireland, boasting offices across the country. With offices in Dublin, Galway, Limerick and Cork, it’s no surprise that the company has become infamous for its impressive service, able to handle whatever work is required. The secret behind Word Perfect lies in its broad and talented team, able to not only translate documents of any sort, but to unpick its message so that all might appreciate what is being said. The team have a great deal of experience working in a variety of different settings, operating as a service for professionals or for businesses as a whole. This breadth of knowledge gives the company a unique advantage over competitors as there is always a certified translator on hand to suit the occasion. The team have proven themselves capable of handling a variety of documentation, specialising in the translation of business and private documents, websites, financial, legal, medical and technical texts. The system, of course, goes both ways with texts translated both into English and vice versa. Those who make use of Word Perfect’s services are able to position themselves ahead of the international game, with high volume turnarounds available in over 200 languages. To ensure that the highest standards are set, every process is ISO 9001:2008 and EN 15306:2006 accredited. The organisation is a proud member of Irish Translators and Interpreters Association and The European Language Industry Association, allowing the team to stay on top of the perpetually changing translations landscape. It’s an approach that has allowed the team to achieve success since inception in 2004. In terms of professional translation work, the Word Perfect team are able to guarantee the best possible results thanks to a sophisticated system that has been perfected over nearly 20 years. Not only does the business boast its own custom-designed CRM through which it is able to monitor and manage translation assignments, it also uses Translation Memory and CAT Tools to manage terminology as well as ensuring complete understanding of the context of documents through a ‘Translation Briefing’. This is very important, as meaning and sentiment have a great deal of impact on how translations are phrased. The final step for every project involves one of the company’s Project Managers inspecting the final files in order to confirm that formatting and editing are accurate. Of all the projects that a company can undertake, ensuring that a website can be read in other languages is paramount. They have become the standard way of communicating a message, and Feb20021 Word Perfect is available to be a major part of that process. It goes without saying that the team are expert providers of translating, designing and developing websites in foreign languages, but what sets Word Perfect apart is its ability to customise the job in order to provide exactly what is required. Whether it’s the translation of a website’s text or more intricate work on the web design, each project can be adapted to suit the needs of the client. With a website playing a vital role in standing out in a global economy, it’s no surprise that this has become a very popular service. For those cases that require a more intimate and direct form of approach, the team can provide translators trained specifically in interpretation. Working for businesses, the media and in the public sector, no one could argue that Word Perfect doesn’t have the required experience to make a success of any job. Regardless of whether the interpretation is required to be consecutive – summarised from a section of speech and ideal for one-to-one meetings and smaller groups – or simultaneous – which is ideal for conferences or telecommunications, the team are able to find a way forward that matches the needs of the client. Because of the thought that goes into each and every translation, the team always ensure that two translators are on hand to relieve mental strain. With this consideration put towards the workforce, it’s no surprise that the results that clients get are considered exceptional. One of the many areas in which Word Perfect is often employed to interpret is in the local community. Areas with a large ethnic minority group might find that services are difficult to access due to the language barrier. The provision of accurate translation that allows people to access these resources is yet another of Word Perfect’s specialties. Typically, this revolves around matters that are medical, educational, housing, social security and legal. This specialist work requires translators to be intimately aware not only of the precise words required, but the cultural and racial ramifications of what they do. To this end, the business has developed the Word Perfect Interpreter’s Code of Ethics which is to be followed at all times. Without the help of these interpreters, services such as Hospitals, Garda stations, the Courts, on Safe Pass courses, driver theory tests, social welfare, solicitors and GPs could not be accessed. Their provision allows all sides to complete work to an incredibly high standard. The success of Word Perfect is naturally a result of putting the client first, finding ways in which to best serve their specific needs. It’s an approach that has allowed the business to discover such incredible success both now, and no doubt in the future. Company: Word Perfect Translations Contact: Jimmy Gashi Web Address: www.wordperfect.ie

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