Q2 2020

EU BUSINESS NEWS / Q2 2020 17 , Dealing In Only The Best When it comes to buying a used car, it is of the utmost importance that the buyer is sure of the quality of the car. As one of County Clare’s oldest andmost well-established car dealerships, it is no wonder that O’Sullivan &Hansbury has won two awards in this years’ Irish Enterprise Awards. Named as the Best Used Car Dealership - County Clare, and having secured the Distinction Award for Customer Service Excellence - County Clare, discover why this used car dealership is truly exceptional. Making sure that the components are all working properly, that the MOT is up to date, and that the vehicle itself has been taken care of are all vital parts of the car-buying process. At O’Sullivan & Hansbury, that is all included. The dealership works tirelessly to ensure that its complete range of affordable used cars are of the highest quality. As a primary dealer for Citroen and Peugeot vehicles, the dealership operates as one of the most long-established in County Clare, providing great deals, professional service, and personal care. On top of being an exceptional dealership with a wide range of top quality vehicles, O’Sullivan & Hansbury also houses a fully-equipped Service Centre, complete with trained technicians who use the latest technology when servicing any make or model of vehicle. Used cars can come in any shapes and sizes, but being sure that you’re getting a good deal is vital. Checking such things as the mileage, the fuel consumption, licence plate, and so much more is crucial to the used car-buying service that the team at dealerships such as O’Sullivan & Hansbury provide. Both in-store and online, the dealership provides all the details necessary to ensure that any vehicle purchased is the right one for the job. Whether it’s a first car, a temporary replacement, or something to Jan20277 explore the country in during retirement, there are vehicles aplenty and each one is detailed to ensure the customer knows exactly what they are getting. When searching online, potential buyers can filter the cars that O’Sullivan & Hansbury provide with a number of parameters available. Potential buyers can search by make and model, price, colour, mileage, year a vehicle was built, gearbox, fuel type, and engine size, making sure that every decision made is perfect for its future needs. However, there isn’t always the car in stock that customers are searching for. At that point, it is still worth getting in touch with the team at O’Sullivan & Hansbury, as they offer a car sourcing service. Using their industry contacts and acumen, the team then work tirelessly to find the exact car that clients are looking for. That is not all, as the team will also use the dealerships buying power in order to secure a better price for that car than the individual would have achieved by themselves. Having a vehicle serviced can become a pretty costly affair, especially if it requires multiple services or components fixed and repaired. The Service Centre at O’Sullivan & Hansbury provides a comprehensive full vehicle facility where all makes and models can come to get their needs seen to. With a professional, personal, and expert service, the fully-trained technicians use the latest service and diagnostic technology to ensure that every vehicle leaves in a far better condition than that which it entered in. Whether its batteries or brake pads, tyres or tests, air conditioning or anti- lock braking systems, the team at O’Sullivan & Hansbury can handle it. Dealing in only the finest used cars that County Clare has to offer, O’Sullivan & Hansbury is an exceptional example of how to do business with a client that is seeking something unique to them. The service is impeccable, and the range of cars is unbeatable for a used car dealership, and that is what puts O’Sullivan & Hansbury head and shoulders above the competition. Company: O’Sullivan & Hansbury Contact: Caroline Ryan Website: http://www.osullivanhansbury.ie/ OceanProd - stock.adobe.com

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