Most Influential CEO Awards 2023

CEO MONTHLY / MOST INFLUENTIAL CEO AWARDS 2023 54 Mar22259 Saying ‘Yes’ to the Customer Acting as an advisory services firm that delivers seasoned OEM and Tier 1 Personnel to a wide variety of clients, Crossover Solutions already has over 1,200 associates and partner resources worldwide. It places an immense focus on providing timely, efficient, and effective solutions for a range of companies, from the automotive and aerospace industries to the pharmaceutical sphere. And at the helm of its operations is CEO Paul LaCroix, who has recently earned the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - Canada (Management Consulting). As a result of his extensive experience, Paul has become a master of what it means to operate alongside OEMs to provide results that suit each individual client. With a lengthy background in corporate finance and deals, he’s had the unique opportunity of managing almost $23B in M&A. This has equipped him with the expertise to direct Crossover Solutions as its Founder and CEO, although Crossover Solutions isn’t the only company under his watch. In conjunction with Crossover Solutions, Paul also holds the positions of CEO and Founding Partner at two other companies. This, along with more than 30 years of leading and guiding strategies, has granted Paul with a vast skillset that’s served him well in his endeavours with Crossover Solutions. In addition to this wealth of experience, Paul is also a Queen’s University MBA with a Valuation and Strategy certification from Harvard and was recognised by the Markham Board of Trade as Entrepreneur of the Year for 2019. This all culminates in an incredibly talented individual who has a solid grasp on the intricacies that partner the industry. He’s able to recognise trustworthy clients and always avoids greed-based decisions throughout the company. Instead, Paul actively promotes healthy value creation for all stakeholders and feels it essential for customers, associates, and the company alike to resonate with these values. Crossover Solutions is a company built on relationships, but what makes it unique is the partners’ determination to always say ‘yes’ to the client, and then proceed to do everything that was initially promised. By design, the Crossover team is geared towards being their best selves, all whilst serving customers and delivering on promises no matter the circumstances. Paul feels this is the best way to establish and protect the meaningful connections that’ll last throughout the company’s lifetime, and he is acutely aware that this trust between company and client is the key to success. Paul is an adaptable person with an impressive background in the industry, and yet he doesn’t let this dampen the understanding that exists between him and his colleagues. He fosters an environment of respect and leads by example. And he still manages to encourage fun within the workplace, whilst his team work to uplift the company alongside him. Crossover Solutions is a flourishing company that’s growing at an astounding rate, and Paul believes their experience helping other organizations quickly and efficiently scale up has helped immensely and acts as one of the greatest strengths of the business. Paul stands for the best of Crossover Solutions, and with his intrinsic talent for management, it’s clear to see why he now holds the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - Canada (Management Consulting). Contact: Lesley Penderis Email: [email protected] Company: Crossover Solutions Web: May23624