Most Influential CEO Awards 2023

CEO MONTHLY / MOST INFLUENTIAL CEO AWARDS 2023 119 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 9 to companies who are household names. To encourage continued engagement, the company operates from a foundational partnership perspective, customising solutions to overcome individual industry challenges. Its transparency and mutual respect within long-term relationships is something that allows it to go beyond mere transactional interactions, and truly collaborate with clients in building sustainable success. Aaron sees the company’s defining edge as being its willingness to tackle challenges others might reject as overly complex or difficult to take on. Because RIoT Secure has an agile team who are backed by robust R&D investment, it is able to adapt quickly to market changes, and excel in problem solving. Aaron describes it as offering “holistic end-to-end solutions providing unmatched value and establishing long-lasting client relationships.” In many ways, because of its unique approach to security, the company is there to help clients negotiate the Internet of Things, placing the customers solution in a secure hardware sandbox – effectively making them disconnected. Because we live in a world where the IoT is woven across billions of devices, the intricate network is under constant threat of attack from security vulnerabilities, the most secure device is one that is not exposed to outside threats. RIoT Secure has the expertise to rise to the challenge, offering robust security measures that seamlessly integrate with clients’ devices. It offers lifecycle management for microcontrollers, even those that are resourceconstrained, and works tirelessly to keep pace with technological advancements. Its employees are the backbone of the company, with each person contributing their unique skills and viewpoints to help the company achieve its goals. Such a blend of talent results in a dynamic work environment, where every new challenge is seen as an opportunity to grow. Maintaining a culture of collaboration and continuous learning is a priority for Aaron. He does this by regularly engaging with the team through open forums, as well as via individual one-toones that keep the channels of communication flowing. Team building activities are also embroidered into the business culture, and professional development is an integral part of the workplace. Aaron ensures that he gets personally involved in such initiatives, to underline the fact that a hands-on approach is more than words, it is a principle embodied in daily work life. “ Adopting agile made us more adaptable to market changes, while fostering cross-functional collaboration improved efficiency and client value. These experiences have broadened my role from a manager to a change-inspiring leader. ” Looking to the future, Aaron has shared plans for global expansion and further market penetration over the coming year. RIoT Secure is spotting new industries where it can make a difference in a meaningful way, in addition to increasing its global territories. In this way it seeks not only to grow as a business, but also to become an integral part of the development process within IoT projects. Early engagement is imperative as it will allow the customers to see the importance of security and lifecycle management, ensuring they are built into products from the ground up. This will mean that systems are better designed and more security-aware from the very start. Long-term, RIoT Secure is aiming to be more than a business success; it wants to be a developer’s first choice for securing IoT solutions. To do this, strategic partnerships need to be formed, and relationships fostered not only at executive level but with developers building concepts and prototypes. In terms of his own career, Aaron explains what an interesting journey it has been so far. He has had the privilege of being involved in a successful acquisition, and has been able to glimpse what retirement might look like for him. Ultimately, however, he knows that his heart lies in the world of innovating and problem solving for the industry he loves. For Aaron, the work is more than just a job, it’s a lifelong passion, and he is delighted to be carrying on doing what genuinely excites him. Contact Details Company: RIoT Secure AB Web: Contact Name: Aaron Ardiri