Issue 9 2023

4. News 6. Global Industrial & Defence Solutions: Pakistani Success Story GIDS – The Shining Star 8. Kent Athlone Pharma Group: Responding to the ever-changing needs in healthcare with consistent access to medicines 10. Fangage: Fangage CEO DamianKozak: Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in the Digital Age 12. Tall Bob: Getting the Message Across 13. Debitam - Online Account Filing: Dave Jangid: Leading the UK’s Best Online Accounting Company 14. Progetti del Cuore S.r.l: Daniel Ragone: Most Influential CEO in Advertising Services 15. EuraTechnologies: The Accomplished CEO to Lead Startup Incubator EuraTechnologies 17. Cleeng: Keeping Your Subscribers & Employees Engaged 18. Britenet: A Britenet-work of Success 20. Self Care Corporation Pty Ltd: Empowering women with confidence through transformative skincare 22. Geogram: Physical and Virtual Reality: Better Together Contents