Issue 9 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 17 Based in Amsterdam and serving brands such as the NFL, SBG, Optus Sport, the NHL, and Big Ten Network within the sports industry, Cleeng has come to be known throughout the sector as the go-to for anyone looking to retain their subscriber count for years to come. By combining its operational Subscriber Management System and actionable analytics, it allows clients to launch direct to consumer video subscription services that are capable of ensuring that As global online video services continue to grow at an exponential rate, so too does the need for quality subscriber management services. No company is more aware of this than Cleeng, who, under Gilles Domartini’s watchful eye, is on-hand to act as an SAAS platform that wholly specialises in Subscriber Retention Management. We explore how its CEO managed to elevate the company, and earn the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - North Holland (Subscriber Retention Management) in the process. their subscriber count never falters once established. Cleeng’s overarching mission is promoted through every action it takes as a company – to make it easy to manage video subscribers, increase retention, and boost ARPU. Thanks to the company’s prowess in its field, it has been able to deliver a versatile platform that is a proven brilliant asset to broadcasting companies, sport federations, and media companies alike. However, none of this would have been possible had it not been for the talent and expertise that Gilles brings to the table. Following a decade of experience working for the likes of Philips and Apple, Gilles quickly managed to develop himself as a leader through his willingness to not only adapt, but to apply what he’d previously learned in order to forge new methods and approaches to a smaller company. He recognised how essential it was to plan his time effectively when working for a larger corporation, focusing on a few objectives, and was able to therefore translate this into his practises within Cleeng. As a result, since starting in his basement, Gilles has grown Cleeng into a global leading company, with now more than 110 employees in four continents. Despite its smaller size and limited funding, Cleeng is able to compete with very large corporations, hire the best talent, be in the top quartile of Employee NPS, and be a profitable business. The success of the company was based on a few key principles: - The imperative a customer centric approach was, and setting out to maintain a crucial relationship with customers founded on mutual respect and understanding. - Tight focus on the media and entertainment industry, all in the hopes that the refinement of its services will serve to excel clients in totally unique ways. - Innovative ways of working: from day one, the company was partially remote and decentralised, with team in Amsterdam, Poznan, and Paris. Now, it employs staff in more than 15 countries, of 20 nationalities. - Strong care for the team, with a clear company culture centred around teamwork, collaboration, getting things done, and trust. As the market for subscriber retention services grows, so too does Cleeng. The company does not rest on its laurels, and there isn’t a single moment where the brilliant minds behind the company aren’t planning ahead in order to forge the best version of itself for its customers. Considering the global success of the company, the employee engagement visible online, and the efficient business model established, we are beyond proud to present Gilles Domartini with the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - North Holland (Subscriber Retention Management). His ability to harmonise his workforce with his overarching vision for the future of the company has resulted in a business that is set to flourish. Congratulations to Gilles and the Cleeng team. Company: Cleeng Web Address: Keeping Your Subscribers & Employees Engaged