Issue 9 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 14 Daniel Ragone: Most Influential CEO in Advertising Services Meaning “Projects of the Heart”, Progetti del Cuore is an Italian advertising company dedicated to encouraging businesses across the country to support the provision of important services to vulnerable individuals like children, the elderly, and people with disabilities. In turn, it promotes their brands, making them protagonists of a new way of investing in social welfare. Here, we speak to the company’s CEO, Daniele Ragone, who has been named this year’s Most Influential CEO in Advertising Services, Italy. oday, volunteer organisations that support vulnerable members of the community play an incredibly important role in society. They provide the elderly and people with disabilities with essential services like home assistance, recreational activities, psychological support, and more, which contributes towards the improvement of their overall quality of life. Furthermore, many vulnerable individuals may find themselves isolated due to their circumstances. The activities carried out by volunteer associations provide them with a multitude of opportunities for socialisation, interaction, and community participation. This promotes their inclusion in society, which helps dispel prejudices and stereotypes to create a more welcoming environment. However, it is often the case that the financial resources of these organisations fail to fully meet the needs of the vulnerable citizens in their communities. Progetti del Cuore was created to support their provision of these essential services by filling this financial gap. To this end, it encourages local and national businesses to invest in the social sector and support the work of volunteer associations. Ultimately, companies that demonstrate social consciousness and genuine care for the wellbeing of citizens are rewarded with exclusive image services and, consequently, enhanced corporate reputation. At the helm of Progetti del Cuore is CEO Daniele Ragone, an experienced leader and skilled tax and corporate consultant. In his leadership of the company, he combines a number of key approaches to ultimately inspire and motivate his employees, prioritise their needs, foster their growth and development, listen to their diverse perspectives, and support them in achieving the goals of the business. “I think that the best leadership style depends on the CEO’s ability to adapt to circumstances and engage and inspire the team,” Daniele explains. “A flexible approach that integrates elements of different leadership styles can often lead to positive results. It is also important to be aware of one’s strengths and areas for improvement as a leader.” In the work Progetti del Cuore does, Daniele believes that his team are an indispensable asset; their skills and expertise play an extremely important role in the functioning of the business. For example, the operational staff are responsible for delivering high-quality products and services, influencing customer satisfaction and company reputation. As well as this, the finance, marketing, and management teams are crucial in the company’s decision-making and strategy development. Lastly, all employees contribute towards the creation of a positive and productive work environment through their interactions with colleagues and collaboration on projects. Given their importance, it is no surprise that Daniele is committed to investing in the skills and abilities of his team. He explains, “Staff training and development are critical investments for the company’s future. Skill enhancement and professional growth improve collective performance, enabling the company to remain at the forefront of its industry and face challenges with confidence.” As a result of Daniele’s excellent leadership, Progetti del Cuore has been able to contribute towards the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals across Italy by supporting the municipalities and associations that serve them. It has also been able to enhance the brands of various companies by helping them showcase Jul23681 T their commitment to their community whilst truly serving a worthy cause. For this reason, Daniele has been awarded Most Influential CEO in Advertising Services, Italy, in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. In the future, at Progetti del Cuore, Daniele plans to focus on implementing comprehensive sustainability practices, increasing customer retention rates through loyalty programmes and marketing campaigns, and engaging in more philanthropic initiatives and community projects to enhance its reputation as a socially responsible organisation. We are thrilled to congratulate Daniele on this achievement and wish him the best of luck in the years to come. Contact: Daniele Ragone Company: Progetti del Cuore S.r.l. Web Address: www.