Issue 9 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 12 Since Tall Bob’s inception over a decade ago, Ryan Berman has been leading the charge towards a better communication solution for clients, customers, and patients alike. As a mobile messaging software, Tall Bob focuses on maximising the potential of text messaging, and is a firm believer that there is so much more to messaging than meets the eye. As opposed to being a simple 160 characters of plain text, it’s a powerful means to engage in a strong network that’s constantly connected. As such, it’s Ryan’s goal to establish Tall Bob as the world’s most effective SMS and MMS mobile engagement and mobile analytics platform, all whilst applying an abundance of expertise to get the job done. Tall Bob stands as a representation of how invaluable effective messaging platforms can be as a means for businesses to communicate, and its work has already pushed for the deconstruction of preconceived notions throughout Australia. Instead of static SMS communication, Tall Bob seeks to become an essential, journey-based tool that can be utilised to achieve ROI and brand objectives. But just how does Ryan manage to guide Tall Bob towards greatness, all whilst handling his team as CEO? When we reached out to Ryan to gain a little more insight into his role, he expressed that “My role is to lead our team and to ensure we are the trusted advisors for our customers when it comes to their mobile strategy”, and he went on to detail how “From the very beginning, honesty, reliability, and service are all critical to mine and the business’ success. I believe it’s important that I continue to sell the solution I believe in, work with customers, provide support, and get my hands dirty like I would expect from any of my team.” Ryan highly values each and every member of the team, which has allowed Tall Bob to excel in new and exciting ways under his watch. However, when it comes to the leadership aspect that accompanies the CEO role, Ryan explained to us how crucial it is to support those around you, regardless of their struggles. Priding yourself on the team that you’ve managed to forge is invaluable within any internal structure – It’s what allows the company to thrive in such a staggering way. He recognises the likelihood of differing opinions throughout his team, and encourages debate in healthy, respectful Getting the Message Across As technology develops, so too does the ability to utilise it in order to forge more effective, streamlined methods of communication. However, what’s more effective than the humble text message? Though it may seem simple, text messages have the potential to deliver information instantaneously, and yet they’re terribly underutilised by many businesses. Tall Bob seeks to remedy this, and below we delve into how Ryan Berman’s ambition came to earn him the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - Australia (Mobile Platform). and collaborative ways that ultimately lead to the birth of new concepts and ideas. That being said, Ryan also understands how imperative it is to continuously learn, even if your role is considered the most important within the company. Reflecting on yourself can open avenues to connect with your staff, resulting in a work environment that’s always changing and evolving for the better. He fosters an unapologetic sense of togetherness throughout Tall Bob, and it’s clear to see through the success of both Ryan himself, as well as the company that he’s built from the ground up. Ryan is passionate about being a mentor for other founders on their respective start up journeys. This attitude is shaped by the mentors he has, from his chair, Kim Williams, brother Ari Berman and various smart and driven entrepreneurs who he has leaned on for various pieces of advice over the years. He gives us an insight into what this entails. “Sharing my experience, knowledge across all the mistakes I made [in my own career]. Shedding light to decision making, team building, and the life of running a startup. It wasn’t for the faint hearted and still isn’t. There is a lot more knowledge and guidance now than there was 12 years ago, however, the same rules apply. Being a billion-dollar business or acquiring a billion users in a week happens to one person a year across 7.8 billion people. The chances aren’t likely, but channelling that entrepreneurship and drive is what I really love and would like to help other entrepreneurs in their journey.” Tall Bob truly is a revolutionary solution that’s no doubt going to continue take the world by storm in the years to come. It’s wholly centered on the idea that communication avenues shouldn’t be difficult or intimidating to establish, and sometimes all it takes is for the right person to see the potential in a simple concept that most of us have come to overlook in recent years. Ryan Berman is one such individual, whose ambition and vision for the future has made Tall Bob what it is today. We’d like to extend our congratulations to both Ryan and the team at Tall Bob for receiving the title of Most Influential CEO 2023 - Australia (Mobile Platform). It’s proven that anything is possible when it comes to innovation – something that is sure to become incredibly apparent as Tall Bob continues to grow and evolve under Ryan’s guidance. Contact: Ryan Berman Company: Tall Bob Web Address: Aug23017 S