Issue 9 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2023 10 nternational artist Sam Feldt created Fangage when he recognized a glaring gap in the creator-fan relationship. Despite amassing a vast social media following, Feldt found himself distanced from his own fanbase, unable to forge direct connections. This frustration served as the catalyst for Fangage – an innovative platform that empowers creators across diverse domains, from music to e-sports. Fangage allows these creators to establish their personalized, branded hubs, enabling them to engage directly with their global fan communities. The narrative took a dramatic turn with Fangage’s acquisition by Triller – an AI-powered open garden tech platform. Triller’s expansive network of creators and cutting-edge technology injected renewed vigor into Fangage’s mission. The synergy between the two entities marked the beginning of an era where fan engagement reaches unprecedented heights. With Triller’s arsenal of over 750 million interactions per month, Fangage is poised to amplify its impact, providing creators with the tools to cultivate genuine connections with their followers. Central to Fangage’s success are the values of trust, engagement, and loyalty. In an era marked by skepticism, Fangage has emerged as a beacon of trust, prioritizing transparency, data security, and authenticity. The platform fosters an environment where users feel confident in sharing personal information and engaging meaningfully. Engagement, the heartbeat of Fangage, takes on a new dimension within the platform. Through direct and meaningful interactions, creators and fans bridge the gap that traditional social media often exacerbates. This direct line of communication, paired with exclusive content, deepens the bond between creators and their fans. This strong bond gives rise to loyalty – a currency of immense value in the realm of fan engagement. Fangage cultivates loyalty that transcends mere transactions. Fans, through their loyalty, evolve into brand Fangage CEO Damian Kozak: Revolutionizing Fan Engagement in the Digital Age From its inception in 2016 to its recent acquisition by Triller, Damian Kozak’s journey with Fangage has been one of dedicated innovation and a relentless pursuit of empowering creators. As the CEO, his mission has been clear: to provide creators with a platform that bridges the gap between them and their fans. As a testament to his groundbreaking role in revolutionizing the dynamics of fan engagement, he’s awarded the esteemed title of Most Influential CEO 2023 (Fan Engagement) – Netherlands. advocates, organically promoting both creators and the platform. Damian Kozak’s leadership mirrors Fangage’s core values. By prioritizing the needs of his team, Kozak fosters loyalty and productivity. As Fangage evolves, Kozak’s leadership grows in tandem, from nurturing individual growth to setting an inspiring example for the entire team. The challenges of the creator economy, where platforms often exploit creators for their own profit, have driven Fangage’s mission. It offers a transformative solution, moving beyond the broken model and reshaping the creator economy to prioritize equitable engagement. Looking forward, Fangage’s future shines brightly. The acquisition by Triller has paved the way for Fangage 2.0 – an advanced iteration that leverages Triller’s technology and generative AI. This evolution ushers in an era of heightened human interaction in a messagingcentric world. Trust and relationships take center stage in this evolution. As Fangage’s journey continues, Kozak envisions a broader impact. Armed with insights gained from scaling and growing a startup, he aspires to support other startups and scale-ups, guiding them through the challenges and triumphs that define the startup landscape. In the ever-evolving landscape of fan engagement, Kozak stands as a pioneer. His vision, aligned with Fangage’s steadfast commitment to values, is reshaping how creators and fans connect in the digital age. As the story unfolds, Kozak’s dedication to innovation promises to redefine the dynamics of fan engagement, ultimately enriching the digital experience for creators and enthusiasts around the world. Contact Details Company: Fangage Contact: Damian Kozak Email: [email protected] Website: Aug23334 I