Issue 9 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 9 2021 7 CEO MONTHLY / IS UE 1 2021 21 Health &Hygiene for Corporate CEO 2021 is set to be a historic year for Fine—The company has big plans for the year including a world-wide entry into new markets, and the introduction of a completely new and innovative product line under its germ protection brand, Fine Guard, building on the global success achieved in 2020 with the introduction of the world’s best antiviral face mask. In addition to this, 2021 is a crucial year for the company as it will be preparing for a partial IPO/exit. Yet, for all this global growth, the firm also fervently believes that it must give back to the very communities where it works, lives, and plays. Giving back is a fundamental part of the firm’s DNA, and its legacy stretches far beyond simply offering products and services. Fine Hygienic Holding will also seek to serve humanity and help in small, meaningful ways, making the world a better place to be. Fine Hygienic Holding always strives to do the right thing ethically, morally, and principally. It does not compromise on character or ethics, and embraces diversity in everything it does. Ultimately, this firm and the work of its outstanding CEO Mr Lafferty should be commended for being of the highest calibre. Both Fine Hygienic Holding and Mr Lafferty deserve the highest praise, and certainly deserve this recognition from CEO Monthly Magazine. Company: Fine Hygienic Holding Website: