Issue 9 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 8 2021 5 Businesses should as a matter of course always provide contracts of employment for all their employees a leading Coventry solicitor warns. Kerry Hudson, Head of Employment Law at leading Coventry and Warwickshire law firm Brindley Twist Tafft & James, issued the warning in light of the end of the government’s furlough scheme this month. With the scheme offering a lifeline to companies such as in leisure that have been forced to temporarily shut down in times of less demand Kerry said there is now a lot of uncertainty about what might happen in the future once it comes to an end. Often in industries where there is a high turnover and employees are hired very quickly, it might be all too easy to overlook a contract of employment, and sometimes employers might think it’s ‘a bit much’, but when things go wrong having a contract of employment goes a long way to resolving disputes. From the first day of your employment employees are entitled to a written statement of employment which covers key elements of the agreement, such as pay, start date and hours of work. However, a contract of employment provides that much needed security for both parties so neither party is left wondering what has been agreed or what they are entitled to, particularly if the employers has stated they are entitled to extra benefits over the statutory legal minimum. Kerry said: “Factories in particular are known for laying employees off to accommodate peaks and troughs, but furlough changed that as it brought about an alternative. However now it is due to end employers need to be more disciplined in their approach to avoid difficulties in the future if situations like the pandemic happened again and there was no furlough scheme so clauses such a lay off or short time working need to be covered “A contract of employment – particularly for people in industries such as those most hit by the pandemic – would clearly set out the employer’s position and give both parties more clarity.” While a written statement of employment is a legal requirement, contracts of employment are not. But they could offer an added layer of protection should companies come up against legal action from a disgruntled employee. Kerry said: “In some circumstances an offer letter may appear to suffice , but I would always go one step further – particularly with the events of the past year and resulting changes in legislation. “A contract of employment goes into much more detail, explained Kerry. Each party knows where they are and what is expected of them and with more and more people working flexible hours in the wake of the pandemic, a contract of employment gives employers the opportunity to outline such finer details – including the days an employee may be expected in work and the days they can work from home. “Also, don’t forget the crucial importance of a restrictive covenant that can be added to an employment contract to protect your business and the more senior your employee, the more crucial it is to have a contract of employment. “An employer investing in a proper contract of employment will reap its rewards when you need it most ” Kerry warned. “Employees expect Contracts, when the don’t receive, one is starts to raises concerns, so get it sorted from the outset.” With more than 200 years of experience – dating back to 1797 – BTTJ is renowned for its first-class service. • Inspiring Fifty UK award winners announced at London Tech Week, the largest and most influential tech event in Europe, from 20th – 24th September. • Inspiring Fifty is brought to you by accelerateHER to highlight the women driving UK tech and to provide more visibility and recognition to these role models • Free virtual press passes to London Tech Week events are available here • Press places at physical events are limited – contact [email protected] • The full agenda for London Tech Week virtual content is here The Inspiring Fifty UK awards, hosted by accelerateHER, today announced the 50 trailblazing winners of this year’s contest. With over 500 entries received the calibre of entrants was higher than ever with women from the world’s biggest tech brands featured on the winning list. Amongst the outstanding UK winners were: • Sophie Neary, Group Director, Facebook UK & Ireland • Saswati Saha Mitra, Research Leader, WhatsApp • Dr Larissa Suzuki, Data/AI Practice Lead UKI, Google Cloud • Sonya Barlow, CEO & Founder, LMF Network • Eshita Kabra, Founder & CEO, By Rotation • Tania Boler, CEO & Founder, Elvie • Chloe Macintosh, Founder & CEO, Kama • Melissa Di Donato, Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Management Board, SUSE Female co-founders and founders of dynamic, fast growth start-ups were also amongst the winning 50 including Tessa Clarke, Co-Founder & CEO of food sharing app OLIO and Melinda Nicci, sports psychologist founder and CEO of Baby2Body, the health and wellbeing coaching app for pregnancy and motherhood. The Inspiring Fifty awards exist to spotlight women excelling in technology careers across the UK and takes place at London Tech Week, the largest and most influential tech event in Europe, from 20th – 24th September. The Inspiring Fifty are important role models for encouraging more girls and women in technology, as well as inspiring future leaders and entrepreneurs to follow in their footsteps. Role models must be seen to be truly effective… because seeing is believing. These trailblazers, innovators and boss women play a major role in challenging the industry’s norms of what makes a leader. Supporters of Inspiring Fifty, both men and women, champion women and minorities in tech and value the positive impact that increased diversity has on everything from business growth and innovation to culture and productivity. They recognise diversity and inclusion as a strategic opportunity. They know being a role model and acting upon that, is key in making a change. The awards unite leaders and influencers across the technology sphere whilst helping champion women who are making an impact on all aspects of business. Elka Goldstein, Interim co-CEO at accelerateHER said: “We are delighted to announce such an impressive array of winners for this year’s Inspiring Fifty UK competition. The judges were blown away by the calibre of entries. It is fantastic to see so many inspirational women excelling in their fields and increasing gender diversity in technology businesses. Becoming more inclusive is essential for the tech industry to thrive and evolve. Inspiring Fifty highlights just how many women are the backbone of UK tech businesses today and through this competition we seek to raise awareness of these incredible women that are driving change.” Inspiring Fifty winner Natalia Pawlak, COO, MY WARDROBE HQ, COO & Co- Founder, MY VENTURES, said, “To be listed alongside such accomplished women is humbling and I’m very grateful to be considered a winner of this year’s Inspiring Fifty. It is a privilege to chosen and I’m delighted to be amongst game-changing women who are not afraid to push boundaries and help make women role models more visible in what is a very male dominated and hugely competitive sector.” BUSINESSES URGED TO PROVIDE CONTRACTS OF EMPLOYMENT