Issue 8 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 8 2023 10 perating across industries, DataTick advises Boards, Senior Executives, and Data Leaders about how their organisations can reach their full potential through data and analytics. The firm works to maximise the value of its clients’ data to ultimately increase their profits, revenues, operational efficiency, and customer and employee satisfaction, all whilst reducing costs and risks. Through this, DataTick enables companies to gain and maintain a competitive edge, systematically outperforming their competitors. Simon has spent over 30 years working in the field of data and has led some of the most significant transformations in Europe. During his time working for a global consultancy, he developed the business case for a UK bank to generate £1bn of incremental revenue per annum by leveraging data. Simon comments, “It was (and I believe still is) the biggest business case made for data in Europe by a non-tech firm.” Throughout his career, Simon realised that large-scale consultancy felt somewhat hollow, with big consulting firms taking over clients’ capabilities and dominating their space, all while charging extremely high rates. Inspired to do things differently, Simon created DataTick to provide an alternative to this model. The firm coaches and educates existing teams, challenging them intellectually and building their confidence to enable them to develop their own resources. Through this, DataTick empowers its clients to succeed independently. It prides itself on its integrity and aims to set the standard for ethical data consulting. Competing against a multitude of well-established big-name companies, DataTick has achieved success by offering a truly unique service. It transforms clients’ capabilities, fitting in seamlessly with their culture and enabling them to deliver. DataTick consistently brings in repeat work through its high-quality services, driving it to surpass big consulting firms. Since its establishment in 2016, DataTick has grown at a faster rate than expected. Simon is committed to supporting the company’s development Europe’s Most Influential Data Leader DataTick Ltd. is a specialist, highperforming data and analytics advisory firm that works to transform organisations across the world by providing them with unparalleled expertise and seasoned strategic insights. The company is led by Founder and CEO Simon AsplenTaylor, one of Europe’s most experienced and successful data leaders, who has been named Most Influential Data Analytics CEO in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. Here, we speak to him to find out more about his business. by recruiting the right people and supporting them to succeed. The firm’s employees contribute to the evolution of the business by bringing their ideas and expertise to the table. Simon strives to facilitate this by encouraging collaboration and contribution. Having spent the majority of his career in data, Simon aims to be the kind of leader and coach that he would have wanted himself. He shares, “For me, a fundamental part of being a founder is making sure that when things go well, everyone reaps the material rewards. Our formative team members, from graduates to C-suite, are offered a share in DataTick.” Simon is also committed to addressing the prevalent recruitment issues in the field of data, where men outnumber women 4 to 1. Due to longstanding exclusion from opportunity, female data specialists sometimes appear to be less experienced on paper than their male counterparts. In its recruitment strategy, DataTick therefore operates based on the belief that CVs aren’t always the best indicator of ability. Instead, the firm focuses on hiring individuals who demonstrate the ability to help it deliver its business plans. Thanks to its commitment to equality, DataTick has been able to mentor numerous female UK data specialists, with the goal of maximising their confidence and encouraging them to pursue the senior positions they deserve. As a result of his outstanding leadership, Simon Asplen-Taylor has been awarded Most Influential Data Analytics CEO in the Most Influential CEO Awards 2023. In the next 12 months, DataTick plans to soon offer its consulting services as a SaaS solution, making data capabilities affordable to all. This concept is new to the market and is expected to launch fully in early 2024. “We’re levelling the playing field for government and public sector organisations (such as the NHS), notfor-profits, SMEs, and start-ups,” Simon comments. “It would benefit the economy if all firms, irrespective of size or profitability, had equal access to data capabilities.” To this end, Simon has also written a book titled ‘Data and Analytics Strategy for Business’ with the aim of making knowledge about data accessible for the price of a paperback. Impressively, the book became a number one Amazon bestseller, with many people purchasing it and using it to guide their data capabilities. Contact: Simon Asplen-Taylor Company: DataTick Ltd. Web Address: Jun23622 O