Issue 8 2021

12 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 8 2021 , May21599 The Educated Entrepreneur Being able tomake quick and effective business decisions depends on having the right information to hand. The teamat TheTableau are experts in ensuring that organizations can make the right decisions from the right data. The company has thrived thanks to the stalwart leadership of Irene Jeremic, who justifiably won the title of Most Influential CEO, 2020 – Canada in last year’s CEO of the Year awards. With such a strong history of success, we thought it time to examine how she did it. When Irene Jeremic came to TheTableau, she brought over fifteen years of hard-won experience in executive management and operational turnarounds with her. Having worked in both the private and public sectors, she has been able to provide a unique perspective to the firm that has allowed it to achieve solid success. At the heart of Jeremic’s approach is her multidisciplinary education from some of Canada’s most prestigious universities. She obtained her B.Sc. in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University (SFU), her MBA from Athabasca University (AU), and her L.L.M. from the most coveted Osgoode Hall Law School with York University. While studying at SFU, she was approached to join a team working on what was then the largest multi-university project, involving Industry Canada. This strong education, combined with an entrepreneurial spirit, made her the ideal choice to run TheTableau. The company has seen recent successes with Lean Office and Lean Manufacturing solutions, earning a lucrative contract with the leading Canadian wheel manufacturing company, that resulted in the implementation of their 1st Kanban system in the province. While these impressive developments have been made, Jeremic has written several white papers to accompany them. Her “Lean Paradigm™ and Safety Principles for Manufacturing, Jeremic, Email: [email protected] Web Address: Mining and Distribution: How to Maximize Customer Value and Safety, While Minimizing Waste,” was presented at the Tokyo’s School of Management in 2019. For Jeremic, the future of the company lies in further development of data applications. The team has started work on bio-informatics solution for healthcare and is considering a private acquisition offer. Of course, she values the work she currently goes greatly, but is already looking for the next big step on her own personal journey. Another interesting career, perhaps a doctoral degree, is within her sights, if she chooses.