Issue 8 2020

10 CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 8 2020 , Jul20368 CEO Seals Health & Socialcare Success From transforming the recruitment experience across the NHS through a centralised, user- centric job platform, to fighting COVID-19 by getting workers across the country tested and back on the frontline in just eight days, Difrent solves problems like no other firm. Founded with the mission of making a real and positive impact on society, Difrent works to affect the day-to-day life of people through impactful solutions involving people, processes, and technology. At the helm is CEO Rachel Murphy, who is a confident, dynamic, and energetic CEO who prides herself on delivering services that are truly exceptional. Having built Difrent to address a need across multiple industries, it is no wonder that Rachel is amongst the finest CEOs at work in the United Kingdom today. She has successfully created a company that delivers high-impact solutions that solve complex problems whilst meeting users’ needs, particularly within healthcare and government. However, it is more than delivering powerful and impactful solutions to society that has put both Rachel and Difrent on the map. The firm’s culture is open and inclusive, where everyone Solving complex problems and achieving big outcomes are not easy things to do, but it is exactly what Difrent specialises in doing. Helping healthcare and government departments achieve positive, measurable outcomes by enabling them to identify strategic opportunities and delivery successful business change programmes. At the head of the firm is CEO Rachel Murphy, recipient of this year’s award for CEO of the Year, 2020 - the United Kingdom. We take the time to find out exactly why this leader is so different. is encouraged to be themselves and work together towards common goals. Crucially, rather than this being nothing more than a token tagline, it is true at Difrent. The Senior Team at Difrent is 50% LGBTQ+, and its BAME figures are currently at 36% across the business. Rachel regularly shares how Difrent has achieved this with other businesses, giving talks on diversity and inclusion at BMW, Northern Trust, Lesbians who Tech, and the Department for Transport. Rachel has been championing diversity and inclusivity at every step of her leadership journey, and her excellence knows no bounds. Contact: Rachel Murphy Website: