Issue 7 2022

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 7 2022 17 Dr. Arturo Lujan, CEO for Al Ghurair Ventures, is an exemplary leader whose drive, tenacity, innovation, people development, customer-focus, sustainability, and impeccable education continue to pave the way for business growth, expansion and transformation. As the CEO for Al Ghurair Ventures, Dr. Arturo Lujan has established a name for himself as an influential leader and a driving force within Al Ghurair Investment, one of the largest and most reputed family business groups in the Middle East. In terms of industrial footholds, Al Ghurair has established itself in the sectors of foods and resources, property, construction and services, energy, mobility, and ventures. Al Ghurair Ventures comprises a broad and diverse portfolio of businesses, all primed for growth and to support in driving the overall transformational journey of the wider Group. Al Ghurair Ventures companies range from automotive, printing, retail, education, financial services, exchange, travel, and shipping, amongst other diverse sectors. Since joining the company as CEO, Dr. Arturo Lujan has been steering Al Ghurair Ventures towards the future, with a focus on innovation, sustainability and transformation. As key demonstration of this drive, AG Ventures companies recently achieved both the Middle East and Africa Regional Innovation Award and the Middle East and Africa Regional Sustainability Award. Moreover, the Dubai 2020 Expo Passport, produced by Al Ghurair Printing, ranked as Amazon Best Seller Globally for five consecutive months during the Dubai EXPO 2020. This milestone was a record achievement, as a first-time accomplishment for a company in the MEA region. Additionally, AG Retail business, within AG Ventures as well, achieved the Dubai Business Excellence Award, as a recognition for its outstanding customer-centric excellent service. Earlier this year, Dr. Arturo was himself recognised with the prestigious distinction of “Friends of Spain in the UAE”, awarded by the President of Spain in recognition of his outstanding contributions toward business leadership, economic expansion and supporting bilateral trade relations. Dr. Arturo Lujan has previously achieved personal accreditation for his leadership in joining the ranks of Spain’s 10 top CEOs and Presidents. The base of knowledge and depth of experience that have led to his coveted place on the international arena has been built following a 25-year career as a business leader, comprising positions across five continents. Directing companies from the positions of President, CEO, Private Equity Partner, and Board Member, Dr. Arturo’s experience extends across a number of Global Fortune 100 companies in the spheres of consumer, business-tobusiness, industrial, healthcare, and information technology. Fundamentally, Dr. Arturo’s drive and ambition have created companies that consistently achieve outstanding financial results and are reputed for becoming great places to work for their employees. His efforts in maximising employee engagement and enhancing customer loyalty are widely recognised, with his name now synonymous with long-term value creation, profitable growth, and financial strength. With a passion for innovation, sustainability and circularity, social impact and environmental conscience are topics close to his heart, and are embedded into his purpose-led business strategies. Through his business leadership and private equity work, Dr. Arturo has lead companies in five continents and developed a remarkable network of business leaders around the world, reaching from the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa, powering far-reaching impact. Essentially, Dr. Arturo’s purposefocused and transformational leadership have become a driving force in the corporate world, ensuring his continued personal growth in such a way that allows his achievements to become the success of the company he works for. With his place cemented as a cornerstone of modern corporate leadership, Dr. Arturo is primed to push Al Ghurair Ventures to further success. Of course, his well-rounded approach to his business career has been greatly aided by his perspective to everyday life: leading by example when it comes to his passion for learning, and towards becoming a better version of himself, every day. Dr. Arturo holds an MBA from the prestigious Wharton School of Business in the USA, and a BSE — focusing on economics, finance, management and marketing — also from Wharton, graduating from both programmes with Honours. Moreover, Dr. Arturo has completed his Advanced Management Programmes from Harvard Business School, further expanding his leadership competencies and global network. This year, Dr. Arturo Lujan was presented his Doctorate Degree, awarded in recognition of his extensive contributions to business transformation and community impact. The Council of Doctors voted unanimously for Dr. Arturo to receive this prestigious distinction of Doctorate Honoris Cause in the historic house of knowledge, Ateneo of Madrid, Spain which is the highest distinction awarded by this prestigious institution. Company: Al Ghurair Contact: Group Press Office [email protected] Website: May22082 As the CEO for Al Ghurair Ventures, Dr. Arturo Lujan has established a name for himself as an influential leader and a driving force within Al Ghurair Investment, one of the largest and most reputed family business groups in the Middle East. “ “