Issue 7 2020

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 7 2020 19 , CEO Powering Up Property Development H&H is a real estate service provider, with services ranging from real estate development to asset management, as well as more traditional services such as facility management, interior design, and procurement of FFE for high-end projects. The firm is an owner-service provider, meaning it invests in its own projects through its investment sister company, but also provides all of its services to third party clients that want someone with the right mix of expertise, local knowledge, and a differing perspective in real estate. Despite working across a breadth of project classes, H&H specializes in hospitality work, drawing on its own passion to create projects that break from normality and make a difference from both a design and business perspective. Overseeing all of this magnificent work is CEO Miltos Bossinis, a truly exceptional individual who brings no small amount of his own experience and expertise to the company. Since the company’s inception, it has based every step of its evolution on the same values that formed its foundation for a truly strong culture. These values include integrity, honesty, and commitment amongst many others, and any leader of H&H must also display these values. Mr Bossinis has them in abundance, coupled with experience and expertise gleaned An experienced head in property development, asset management and property investment, there are few better people to lead a real estate service provider thanMiltos Bossinis. Having been recognised as one of 2020’s Most Influential CEOs in the United Arab Emirates, we take a closer look at the work of Mr Bossinis in his role as CEO of H&H Investment &Development. Mar20047 from an educational and work- based career that has spanned the globe. His experience in property development, asset management and property investment, makes him an ideal person to lead H&H, and Mr Bossinis’ strength in corporate management across a diverse range of cultural environments makes him just the right fit for the role. Mr Bossinis has instilled an owner-service provider culture at H&H, meaning the firm approaches each project from an owner’s perspective. This in turn means that it has a deep understanding for the owner’s pain points that will affect its business not only during the development, but also after the project has started operation. Where traditional service providers follow a specific pattern of what they must execute, H&H goes further in working collaboratively with the owners and investors through all phases of a project. That level of personability and collaboration that Mr Bossinis has instilled in his teams is invaluable to the client. H&H’s clients come from both public and private sectors, and are usually encountered through the good old fashioned method of word of mouth. The projects that H&H and Mr Bossinis have overseen speak for themselves, and clients can clearly see the time and effort that has gone into creating such a high quality real estate product. Needless to say, however, that Mr Bossinis and his team will go after projects only if they believe the firm can truly add value to the owners and investors. Operating with this system, Mr Bossinis and H&H are proud of the projects the company completes, regardless of which division of the company is delivering them. That creates a very good base for a strong culture that runs through every level of the company. People want to be a part of the H&H family team, and the company in turn offers everyone a platform that is based around safety, ownership, accountability, and direction. However, the last few years have seen challenges in the real estate market in the Middle East region. There has been a general slowdown in the economic growth, which is largely attributed to the greater slowdown that is evident worldwide. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic will only serve to make things worse before they get better. The UAE in particular is directly affected by the performance of the global economy, as its positioning and general offering is pivotal to the region as well as on a worldwide level. Mr Bossinis believes that those who have a strong culture and solid work ethic such as H&H will definitely survive this temporary turmoil and will come out of this difficult time even stronger than before. Yet, the future remains one of hope for the firm and Mr Bossinis himself. For H&H, organic growth has always been the way forward, allowing it to make sure- footed steps and decisions in its expansion that has made the firm almost recession-proof. Whilst plans for now are affected by the overall economic conditions of the world, Mr Bossinis has proven himself more than capable of steering the company through troubled times into calmer waters. Company: H&H Development LLC Contact: Miltos Bossinis Website: