Issue 6 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2021 9 Animal Welfare Charity Done Right as opposed to doing things solely for the sake of speed. Ultimately, the company feels a huge sense of responsibility to its prospective donors to carefully vet all charities to ensure they operate at the highest standards; so, it can reassure donors that their donations of CaliCoins to these charities are put to good use and are fully utilised in a responsible manner. CaliCoins’ due diligence on charities is massive and it is constantly adding new ones and dropping current ones who won’t uphold its standards and values. It currently has nine different charities who are all doing such amazing work for animals! CaliCoins’ goal across 2021 is to eventually reach a critical mass of 50 charities across the globe – all upholding the high standards and values that are embraced at the company. If readers wish to donate, they can do so by visiting Contact: Caroline Lafferty Website: