Issue 6 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2021 17 Empowering Through Education Learning Providers AAC Award winner , and Skills for Care Endorsed Provider. It also recently won the Educate North Social Mobility provider of the year award for its work encouraging ‘disengaged young people’ into employment. It fully believes that everyone has the right to learn in a manner that is comfortable. Therefore, it has a staunch dedication to the goal of not letting postcode or background be an obstacle to education, eliminating that barrier for its service users. In this manner, Qube is not just an employment provider, but an instiller of self-belief and worth. It wishes to shine a light on what success can be to people who may have never thought education to be an accessible thing for them, facilitating the growth and development of talent and ambition. Through this, Qube has been proving its status as a ‘people first’ business, working with students, customers, employees, and employers to increase productivity in every element of its operation. The clientele that reaches out to Qube are also a widely varied and international market segment, with global, national, and local businesses represented, as well as working with businesses from small to enterprise scale. Therefore, its recruitment service, Traineeships and Apprenticeships are highly scalable across all sizes of business and are accessible and flexible, working closely with employers to provide a bespoke long-term service. Its work can be described as being on a ‘national scale with a localised approach’, and it has an operations team of skills tutors delivering coaching and learning. This ranges vastly in field, from leadership and management to business services, as well as health and social care, hospitality, retail, warehousing and logistics, and how to work within small, medium, and large- scale companies. Its dedicated learning support specialists are also on hand throughout the course to help students with their Functional Skills qualifications. Quality and compliance are also something that fall within Qube’s remit and reassures Qube’s clientele that its services are delivered with consistent quality, continuous improvement and rigorous quality testing. Even though the last year has been challenging with the pivot to fully remote work, Qube has been continually impressed by its employees. Each person being committed and hardworking, inspired to help each one of its service users on a personal level, they are charismatic, knowledgeable, and friendly. Its tutors have also learned how to help students manage the increased stress and anxiety of the pandemic. Further to this, in the coming months, Qube is setting up a new internal training team, continuing to work on its online service provision, empowered by the motivation and drive of its team as it moves towards the future. Company: Qube Qualifications & Development Ltd Contact: Mollie Whichello Website: