Issue 6 2021

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 6 2021 15 Stepping in Time to the Technological Revolution ability to take on and implement constructive criticism, always striving to learn and grow. The realisation of potential is something Maani and the team believe is achievable by everyone, it’s all about effective problem solving. Sitting at the intersection of brand and product, with the sophisticated processes in place to create synergy between the two, Poppins sets itself apart from its competition by being one of the few companies to bridge this gap effectively. In addition, its ‘digitally handmade’ ethos brings together creative flair and feeling with rigorous technological acumen, allowing Poppins to guide its clients to the forefront of the digital age. Keeping both social and environmental responsibility at the core of its work, and a passion for health and wellbeing, Poppins seeks to support businesses that want to have a positive impact on the world, functionally shaping the wider culture as well as its internal one. When hiring new staff, Poppins recruits from a diverse pool of talent and experience. The pandemic didn’t stop it from continually supporting its workers, ensuring that virtual socialisation was still happening, and inspiring a healthy and vibrant work culture. Indeed, the name itself portrays its moral stance: Poppins. Naming itself after a magical, fictional nanny, it shows that it seeks to take on the role of a caretaker, and whilst the business is still young, it is continually proving how invaluable such work is. A business that is happy and positive as well as profitable is an attitude it seeks to instil with leading by example. Poised for success and watching as markets rebuild, Poppins will continue stepping up to the plate to help business make an impact in this bold digital age. Company: Poppins Agency Contact: [email protected] Website: