Issue 5 2023

CEO MONTHLY / ISSUE 5 2023 33 mal Hassan attempted four times over eight years to launch her business processing company in Nigeria, a country not known for outsourcing. She defied the odds and today Outsource Global boasts a team of over 1000 in three locations across Nigeria, having become a business outsourcing destination on par with India and the Phillippines. Outsource Global specialises in providing tailored solutions to clients, establishing profitable partnerships, and identifying opportunities for scaling their business. The company’s infrastructure, training, and management are based entirely in Nigeria, enabling it to employ and upskill teams according to their clients’ specific requirements. Leading from the top, Amal’s primary focus is on ensuring that her company’s clients receive the best quality services. Stemming from her passion to unlock Nigeria’s development potential through technology-driven innovation and value addition, she has been able to build, capitalise, and restructure a series of technology-related businesses with the help of her team. Entrepreneurial Prowess Outsource Global, a company specialising in business and knowledge process outsourcing, utilises state-of-the-art technology to tailor solutions to the specific requirements of its clients. Tech entrepreneur and CEO, Amal Hassan’s expertise ensures the company remains at the forefront of the industry, and we learn more following her being named Most Influential Business Outsourcing CEO 2023 - Nigeria. Indeed, Amal and co. continuously strive to exceed expectations, and as the first ISOcompliant commercial delivery centre in West Africa and the first Nigerian international contact centre serving the US, UK, Africa, Canada, Japan, and European markets, Outsource Global is committed to positively impacting the global business services sector and fostering exponential growth. The company’s range of specialised services come in the form of customer experience, sales, back office processing, IT support, software development-as-aservice, legal services, artificial intelligence, medical support services, accounting-asa-service, data management, and more. The team works closely with clients to understand their business functions and find ways to reduce operational costs while increasing performance with consistent, reliable service delivery. Each service is customised to suit each client’s individual needs and preferences, focusing on service quality, low cost, and scalability. These are delivered from the company’s modern Abuja, Kaduna, and Lagos facilities, and it has created over 1,000 direct graduate jobs for customer care executives, sales, marketing, tech, accounting, legal practitioners, and medical professionals serving the global market. Furthermore, Outsource Global provides accent localisation and training to ensure that all agents speak to customers in their respective local accents. In addition, agents are offered solid career paths, ongoing training, and continuous upskilling, enabling them to evolve from telemarketing into specialised, niche services. Ultimately, there’s no denying Amal Hassan’s extraordinary ability to lead her team in delivering specialised services, and with her entrepreneurial flair and business expertise, she continues to shine as a highly regarded business leader in Nigeria. Amal is widely viewed as a role model for girls and women in her home country as she continues to mentor young leaders across the industry. Now, we look forward to seeing how Amal continues to lead her company at the top and make her mark on her industry as CEO. Contact: Amal Hassan Email: :[email protected] Company: Outsource Global Web Address: Mar23181 A